1 DECEMBER 1849, Page 10

The Postmaster-General has ordert contain writing (except the name and

address of the sender) on more thaia; page. 4. It must be prepaid in stamps.

Limitation of Size and TVek7i1.-5. The leegth of an inland letter or packet must not exceed two feet. 6. The weight is unlimited ; but if it exceed four ounces, the letter most be prepaid. " Registration of Letters.-7. Great security may be given to a letter by registering it ; fee for inland letters 6d. 8. All letters containing money or other articles of value should be registered. " Money Orders.-9. Money orders should be presented without delay; the lapse of two calendar months will entail a second payment of the commission, and the lapse of twelve calendar months will.aMail the loss of the whole sum for which the order is drawn.

"Slamps.-10. Wherever letters can be posted, an applicant may demand to be supplied with stamps or eavelnpes; temenny or shilling stamps, however, can only be purchased at certain large offices. Stamps may be had singly. 11. The use of stamps greatly facilitates the business of the office. They may be affixed to all letters &c. posted in the United Kingdom, whether inland or foreign, and for lateletters they must be used, except at the Metropolitan chief offices. . "Newspapers.-12. With a postage-stamp affixed, a newspaper, though written on, may be posted for any part of the United Kingdom. 13. The public would greatly facilitate the operations of the Post-office by giving complete and legible

addresses, and by using letter-boxes." •