1 DECEMBER 1849, Page 19


On the 4th November, at Corfu, the Wife of the Rev. James■Skinner,Chaplatneasher, Majesty's Forces there,of a. daughter.

On the 1.0th, at Corfu, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonl Walpole, Deputy-Quartermas- ter-General Ionian Islands, of a daughter.

On the 17th. at Corby Castle, Cumberland, the Lady of Philip Henry Howard, Esq., M.P. for Carlisle, of a daughter.

On the 22d, at Cuizean Castle, Ayrshire, the Marchioness of Atlas. Of daughter.

On the 24th, in Park. Street, Grosvenor Square, the Wife of Robert Fergusou, M.D., of a daughter.

On the 25th, in Eaton Place, the Hon. Mrs. Henry Spencer Law, of a son.

On the 25th, in Chesham Place, Belgrace Square, the Hon. Xre. Hamilton, of a daughter.


On the 19th November; at the English Church. Leghorn, George Mussel! oretion. Esq., son of the late W. W. ChM-tom Esq., formerly of Wescote Hall, Leicestershire, to. Amelia Louisa Vans, eldest daughter of Elward Le Wearier, Esq , R.N., of Guernsey.

On the attli, at St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, Alfred Elmore, Esq • A.R.A.. of' Devonshire Street. to Jane, niece of John Chandler. Esq„ of Paper George Street..

On the 27th, at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, Francis Horatio FltzRoy, Esq., only son of Admiral Lord William FitzRoy, to the Hon. Gertrude Intucombe, second daughter of Lord Feversham.

On the 27th, at- the British Embassy, Paris, Peter Burnet junior, Esq., son of Peter Burnet, Esq., of Elrick, Aberdeenshire, and of Nice, Piedmont, to Gullhermlna, daugh- ter of the late Sir William Curtis, /tart, of Portland Place, London.

On the 27th, at Pirbright Church, the Rev. William Webb spicer, second son of John Spicer, Esq., of Esher Place, surrey, to Dorothea, third daughter of Henry Halsey, Esq., otHenley Park, near Guildtbrd.

On the 27111, at Bishop's Hull, Henry Cranstoun Adams, Esq., youngest son of Lien- tenant-General Sir George P. Adams, K.C.H., to Matilda WInsloc, third daughter ofThomas Patton, Esq., of Bishop's Hull House, Somerset.


On the 24th September, at Sierra Leone, where he had resided for thirty-one years, Logan Hook, Esq.. her Majesty's Collector of Customs, and Senior Member of Council of that colony.

On the 5th October, John Barker, Req., of Suedia. near Antioch, formerly her Ma- jesty's Consul at Aleppo, and afterwards Consul-General in Egypt ; in. his 79th year... Ha had resided upwards of fifty years in the-East. On the 14th November, at Madryn Park, Cameroon, Henry Slingsby PowaIL„ youngest son of Lieutenant-General Sir L..Jones Parry. On the 1411i, in Norfolk Crescent,. Hyde Palk, alajo;.Gencral F. V. Raper ; mule 72d year.

On the 15th, at Gibraltar, Thomas Australius, only surviving son of General Sir Thomas Macdougall Brisbane, Bart., G.C.B., G CIL On the 20th, at Upper Clacton, Miss Welby, daughter of the late. Sir Earle Welby, Bart.

On the 21st, at Malvern, Lieutenant-Colonel Harry Shakespeare Phillips, C.B., late of the Fifty-third Regiment ; in his 44th year.. .

On the 21st, Bryanstone Street, Miss Hughes, daughter of the late Rev. Edward Hughes, of Kinmel Park, Denbighshire, and sister to the Right Hou. Lord Dinorbin.

On the 221, at the Rectory, St. Heller's, the Very Rev. James Hemery, M.A., Dean of Jersey, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge ; in his 35th year. On the 24th, Wilhelmina, the Wife of Egerton Leigh, Esq., of J,ositell Hall, Cheshire. On the 27th, In Woburn Place, Mr. Sergeant Lewes; in his 67th year.

On the 27th, at Aston Tyrreld Rectory, near Waltingfbrd, Frances Boyfteld, of the late Commodore Sir John Strutt Peyton, R.N., K.C.B. ; her tibit year.

On the 28th, suddenly, of an affectiOn of the heart, William Turquand, Esq.,. of Nor- wood, Surrey, for Upwards of seventeen years-one of the Galicia Assignees of the Court of Bankruptcy; in his 69th year.

On the 28th, at Exmouth, Sir Codrington Edmund•Carrington, Bendier of the Middle Temple, and late Chief Justice of Ceylon; la rds 80th year.