1 DECEMBER 1849, Page 9

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to furnish on Monday next and distinguished officers are each expecte ' position of Sir John Frank- their opinions with reference to the probab'new expedition which it is in-

tended and their recommendations as to the tended to organize.—Morning Herald. / Last night's Gazette notifies the appointment of the Royal Commission for inquiring into Smithfield Market, and markets in the city of London for the sale of meat; to consist of the following persons—George Cornewall Lewis, Esq., Sir James Duke' Bart., Sir Harry Verney, Bart., William Miles, Esq., Professor Richard Owen, the Honourable Frederick Byng, and John Wood, Esq.

The Bishop-elect of Norwich, Dr. Hinds, and the Bishop-elect of 1.1 duff, Dr. 011ivant, were formally inducted yesterday into their respe -etive sees, at Bow Church, by Sir John Dodson, Vicar-General to the Arch' .cahok, of Canterbury. There were rumours afloat in the morning of an i , °tended opposition to Dr. Hinds, but no objector came forward when the nilenal Pro- clamation was made. Very few persons were present, and the r/Proceedings terminated shortly after twelve o'clock.

and installed yesterday, in the Cathedral Church. Dr. H. H. Milman, was for AallY inducted of undertaking The new Dean of St. Paul's, ffi. We are informed, on good authority, that with the vie some further steps to ascertain the fate of Sir John Fn

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ds Beaufort, were yesterday summoned together