1 DECEMBER 1849, Page 9

were yesterday agreed unanimously, sed of the whole body of

Commis- able the Lord Mayor, and the four ion, to consider the course which should hich have been sent in to this Commis- polls."

tish Hospital, held yesterday—St. Andrew's e prosente of Mr. Abbott Lawrence, the Ann- ..., . tft, • .

The Metropolitan Commission of S "That a Committee be formed, co sioners, including the Right Hon other members of the City Como- be adopted respecting the plan sion for the drainage of the The anniversary of the Day—was distinguished b rican Minister. Admiral Sir Charles Napier presided, and proposed Mr. Lawrence's health in terms of international compliment. Mr. Lawrence replied with much warmth of feeling towards this country—the country which contains the ashes of his ancestral kith and kin. Sir Charles Na- pier having alluded to the schemes of a railway and a great canal across the Isthmus of Panama, Mr. Lawrence made these declarations- 1 beg to say that the United States ask for no exclusive privileges in either of these schemes. We will ask this country to subscribe with ourselves for these great improvements. We will ask Great Britain to join with us in guaranteeing a neutrality, of these great highways. We ask no exclusive privileges, and we don't mean to grant any. These territories should be open to all the world. So far as the United States-areconcerned, they should he dedicated to the benefit of mankind all over the world.'