1 DECEMBER 1866, Page 2

Dr. Pusey. has written another letter to the Times, stating

his opinion of absolution, He believes that Christ, conferring upon thaApoatles the power to remit sins, intended to confer. it also upon .their " suceesseee." He therefore, holds that every sueceaeor. has the power to remit the sins of penitent. persoua as: fully. as Chriat. himself could. have done, and ea he atruius, On. the authority of the Ordinatieu,Seevice, the Church of England. also bolds. In-, other. words,Christ intended . to leave the salvation of aoula de- pendent on the will of such human.beinge as, can be proved to have been ordained by the ordained up through the We- to thin, self. One single auondained Bishop, say in the middle agea or the thirdeoutury, wouldapoil the whole arraragement.. Whydees nee. Dr. Pusey claim the power of workbag miracles given to the Apostlee at the same time? The invisibility of the power i. ne, greater obstacle in the one case thami the other. If. the sick did not get visibly better for the priest's touch, neither do the bad get visibly better for his absolution. After ail, does the humau..rape, advance ? A Roman gentleman would have smiled at a supersti-

tion so gross as that which Dr. Pusey dignifies with the name of Christianity.