1 DECEMBER 1866, Page 2

The. Queen promieect to unveil a statne of the late

Prince Cooed at Wolverhampton y,eatertlay, and the whole of the " Blaek Country" wan agog, with, excitement apd , delight. It is said that a million of peraone, were in the town. t "see the Queen.," the municipality had. votetl. theareancle, and so great was the eathusiasm that it actually made Tpw#_CoaneWore inventive. One of the trinmph41 arches was built of solid, blocks of coal, Pia another of artielea media at. Weiverbrunpten. Every house wan ad.orned., with llage„,atul. the. Life-Guards were expected from London, to tha immense gratification of the neighbourhood. It is easy for Kings to excite loyalty, if they would only try.