1 DECEMBER 1866, Page 3

Archbishop Manning seems to believe in newspapers almost as 'much

as Dr. Cumming, who quotes letters from "special corre- spondents" to prove that the Millennium is at hand. Lord Claren- don recently called en-the Pope, and, according to Roman gossip, -said, on quitting the presence, "That is, indeed, a Sovereign," meaning that the old man has the personal dignity and bearing which is supposed to distinguish monarchs, and in which they are, as a rule, so deficient. This remark, which may, or may not be apocryphal, is quoted by-Dr. Manning in an address delivered on Tuesday to a Catholic charitable society; as if the cool,. seeps -tical diplomatist had said, admitting the Pope's priority among Princes, "This is, indeed, the Sovereign of Sovereigns." What Lord Clarendon, in all probability, said was, "Gentlemanly old man; acts king well."