1 DECEMBER 1866, Page 3

Hampstead Heath, it appears, is threatened with destractien. .Sir Thomas

Maryon Wilson, its owner, has, it appears, the right 4.0 grant leases for twenty-one years, has commenced a house by the flagstaff, the best prospect in Hampstead, and means to cover thelleatla with a sort of Agar T,own, to the utter ruin of Hemp- -steed assa,place of residence. The Metropolitan Board have been asked to buy his rights, but decline, and the parish alone cannot afford the money. Sir Thomas's defence for his conduct in thus 'destroying one of the lungs of London,—the best site in it for a People's Park,—is,. that be ha e been shabbily treated by London, which has . resisted his application to Parliament for leave to build • on the Finehley Road Estate. This-is true, and we never could -quite understand why Hampstead did nob accept the compromise -offered, and allow Sir Thomas to build where he liked, provided. She property in the Heath were vested in the parish-