1 DECEMBER 1866, Page 3

The Archduke Maximilian is expected in London in a week

or -two bythe West India mail. It is known that he has left Vera Cruz for the Ravenna's, and it is rumoured that his departure was • caused by sudden intelligence of a convention between the United -States and France. It seems more probable that President -Johnson considered it expedient to accept Napoleon's promise to withdraw his troops in November in its literal sense, and that Maximilian, warned that General Sherman was on his way, -thought it beet to escape. The Americans have since occupied Matamoras, and General Sherman has sailed for Vera Cruz. It is, rumoured that the Archduke, believing himself betrayed by France, will publish the Emperor's letters promising him aid ; but a steamer with despatches from Paris-is under orders to intercept the West India mail, and—Maximilian knows Spanish.