1 DECEMBER 1894, Page 10

The Sunday at Home. (R.T.S.)—Two good serial stories— "Zachary Brough's

Venture," by E. B. Bayly ; and "The Mystery of Alton Grange," by E. E. Green—run through the magazine. Then we have some interesting experiences, in several chapters, of life among the brigands, entitled "Captured by Albanian Brigands." Four chapters on the Matabele are equally readable. Of the religious articles, we may mention a series of papers on "Religious Life in Germany." Also, we have articles descriptive of Sabbaths in various countries,—an excellent series of readable papers they are, too. Nor must we forget the occasional articles on early schools and missions. Then there are some semi-religious discourses in the form of stories, and some sermons. We should mention the shorter stories, — " Vera's Holiday Task," "A Christmas in Labrador," "After Sedgemoor," and "The Course and the Crown." Among descriptive articles we have, "A Pilgrimage to Bemerton," " The Great Mosque of Damascus," and others. The shorter and more miscellaneous articles are too numerous to mention. The Sunday at Home is, as usual, full of excellent and solid reading, and plentifully illus- trated. It is quite up to the average excellence of the magazine, and makes a good volume for all ages of readers to while away an hour with profit.