1 DECEMBER 1894, Page 10

To Greenland and the Pole. By Gordon Stables. (Blackie and

Sons.)—The story opens with the friendship struck up between a Norwegian boy and a Highland boy, and the visit of the Nor- wegian lad to the Scotch home in the winter, where he teaches his companion the delights of " skilabning." The visit is returned,

and finally the expedition to the Pole is planned. The third section of the book treats of the venturous journey across the Pole to the point where the surviving members of the expedition are rescued. The story is very fascinating, besides the interest which its description of Arctic life from the pen of an experienced sailor like Dr. Gordon Stables naturally indues it. The tragic finale to the story—the Black Death which overtakes so many men—is very impressive. This is one of our author's best, and it should attract boys now that so many of us try to realise what Arctic exploration means.