1 DECEMBER 1894, Page 11

The Satellite. By the Hon. Eva Knatchbull-Hugessen. (A. D. Innes.)—The

four stories included in this volume are excellent in their way, "The Satellite" being, perhaps, the most amusing, and " Fraidein Schmidt" the most instructive. "The Satellite" is a story of a girls' school, in which all is good, but the Italian lady who teaches gymnastics is perhaps the best. This good lady's devotion to her art is most entertaining. Asked about the behaviour of one of her pupils, she replies, " Behave P She have behaved beautiful. She have gone up the ropes like a sailor- monkey." (Her highest term of admiration.) " She have been most grossly impertinent, and disobey me twice,—but she is young, and on the parallel bars it is a pleasure to see her jump. Oh, yes, she have behave beautiful." But perhaps the gem of the volume is to be found in the " Story of the Smite-Them-Hip-and-Thigh" (a family newspaper). It is Miss Virginia's essay on happiness. " There are two kinds of happiness. One is happiness, and the other is net. The real kind is when they say, You may have a long walk with Susan,' or Here is a penny for sweets l' The other is when you give up something or don't cry, and they say, Good girl ! ' I like tho real kind best, but grown-up people have made up the other." Miss Knatolibull-Hugessen's book is full of genuine fun. We strongly recommend it to young readers, and, indeed, to old ones too.