1 DECEMBER 1894, Page 12

Sou'-Wester and Sword. By Hugh St. Leger. (Blackie and Son

) —A story that would attract any boy, Sou'-Wester and Sword will fascinate those boys who have a passion for salt water, for not only is it full of stirring incident, but the narrative is strongly coloured with the phrases and circumstances, small and great, that go to make up a sailor's life. The life which the hero and his brother- apprentices lead on board the barque is naturally related, and presents a vivid and truthful picture of a merchant sailor's life,— the days of ease, of cirmger, and of death. We can imagine no better introduction to such a life than Sou'-Wester and Sword. It is well written, it never bores, though it is grave when occasion demands, and it will show the youthful reader to how many different uses the true sailor can be put, and what a magnificent training his is for all conditions of life. We heartily recommend the story with its yarns, its tale of mutiny, its fighting on land (not quite in keeping with the rest), and its breezy atmosphere, to all boys.