1 DECEMBER 1894, Page 13

The Rulers of the Mediterranean. By R. H. Davis. (Gay

and Bird.)—Very pleasant and chatty are these chapters by an American on Gibraltar, 'rangier, Cairo, Athens, and Constanti- nople. They are enlivened by plenty of American humour, which, if it sometimes palls on us—his remarks on Port Said, for instance—is sometimes happy in expressing a comparison or sentiment better than a more serious effort. Mr. Davis is frank, but he is fascinating ; and his sketch of Gibraltar and the varied garrison life is really very good. So are his descriptions of Tangier, where he insisted on seeing the prison, and Cairo. He has something sharp and pointed to say about everything, and his remarks on the behaviour of the English generally in the Mediterranean are full of truths, which, if we knew before, want emphasising, so as to help us to get rid of that dreadful taint of cant which clings so persistently to us.