1 DECEMBER 1894, Page 19

The temper of the Boers in the Transvaal is growing

more bitter. They have just forbidden the use of English in Parliamentary discussions, and a league has been formed to restrain the " foreigners " from further aggression. They are convinced that Mr. Cecil Rhodes wants Delagoa Bay for his Company, and are resolved to have it for themselves; under which circumstances it will probably remain Portuguese. The Boers feel bitterly that the English are prospering in the Transvaal ; and as they cannot expel them without de .trojing their own revenue, they are inclined to fortify heir own position by every means in their power. The British, meanwhile, are growing sullen ; and but that Mr. Rhodes's hold in the Cape Parliament depends on the Dutch, it might be difficult to keep the peace. Mr. Rhodes, who is in England for a short visit, has now arranged that his Com- pany and Mr. Johnston, Commissioner in Nyassaland, are in future to be independent of each other, the Company managing Rhodesia—that is, Matabeleland and Manicaland- after its own pleasure, subject only to the general control of the Crown. It is clear that it must all end in a South African Dominion, and the only question is as to the time that must elapse. South Africa wants another half-million of English. men.