1 DECEMBER 1928, Page 15


Not only the nurseryman shares in this quite lucrative form of production. The depression in Suffolk is deep, and many, farms are. .on:. the market . at absurdly low figures, whether: to rent or. purchase„ But. I was shown _a sack of, wheat grown on a Suffolk farm, that, paid a handsome return. It yielded the 'scarcely credible amount of 10 quarters to the acre, and fetched nearly double the market .price of English wheat.. It was: a new variety of red :wheat with Yeoman " (the most famous of Sir Rowland. Biffen's " creations ") as one of. the parents, A considerable extension of the seed trade -in this .region of England is a reasonable expectation. perhaps the most notable triumph of our scientific seed-growers is that within a few. years they have produced at least as good .sugar-beet seed (sad its growing needs .peculiar art) as any on the Continent. If the experiment now being carried on at Eynsham fulfils hopes, we shall have produced also .the best method of dealing with the root. There are critics who think, and. say, that the industry will stand or fall by this ingenious drying experiment.