1 DECEMBER 1928, Page 38


Not the least interesting among recent dividend announce- ments have been the almost sensational.profit-statements by such conipardes as British Commerbial Products and Finance Co. Ltd., and the London Tin Syndicate.' As regards the former company, the net profit of £251,000 was more than double that for the previous year, although a part of the new capital was only available for half of the year. The bonus on the ordinary shares -of is. 6d. per share shows an increase of 50 per cent. and the bonus on the deferred shares of 111.1d. is up by 200 per cent. Moreover, this bonus is after paying , a dividend on the deferred shares of 1281 per cent. and also after transferring £24,272 to a special Re8erve Account and , £41,559 to the General- Reserve Account. The company is now making a-fresh issue of capital to its Present shareholders on terms constituting a bonus.

* * *