1 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 10

A courier, charged with despatches for the B ussian Chargil

d' 'Mures, and also with several costly prescms for her Majesty, from the Emperor of Russia, arrived in Hover Street from Hamburg. The presents to the Sovereign from the Czar consist, it is understood, of rare frs, and likewise some diamonds of extraordinary size found in the gold mines of the Emperor in New Russia.

Lord Moorhen is, we understand, appointed Militia Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, in the place of the late Sir W. W. Wynn.—:horning Chronicle.

Lord Edward 1 toward, the second son of the Earl of Sorry, has been appointed one of Lord Joint Russell's Secretaries at the Colonial Office.— Globe, Admiral Tatham, who lately gained the great will cause so long dis- puted, died at his seat, Itornhy Castle, near Lancaster, on Friday last, In his eighty-fourth year. He has left the Hornby estates, the subject of contention for twelve years, to Mr, Pudsey Dawson.