1 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 10

A meeting of Conservatives of Bromley, Bow, and Old Ford,

re- solved on Tuesday to unite Mr. G. R. llohinson to become a candidate for the Tower Hamlets at the next election.

The Committee of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society passed strong resolutions at a meeting on the 21st instant, against the emigration of free labourers into sugar-colonies. They maintain, that " though slavery is legally abolished in our Colonies, its spirit yet re- mains in full force with the dominant party."

On the 21st instant, a deputation of the British and Foreign Anti- Slavery Society presented an address to Sir Lionel Smith, at his resi- dence in Eaton Place. Admiration of Sir Lionel's character and grati- tude• for his services in carrying out the Emancipation Act in Jamaica, were expressed with much cordiality in the address. In his reply, Sir Lionel Smith promises to do all in his power in the Mauritius. as in Jamaica, to protect the labouring poled:Athn from oppression.

At a meeting of the London and Brieliton Railway Company, on Thursday, the Engineer te,perted as his upittion, that the line ntiglit lie opened to within seventeen miles of Brighton in the autumn of the present year.

On Thursday afternoon, a destructive fire broke out in the extensive printing-ink intandbelory of Messrs. Lyons and Co., at Hornsey ; which did comiderahle damage.