1 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 12


The Commodore, Perehase, trim Mauritius, reported as arrived o1T Margate, in out last, hos shore been wrecked on the Maplin Saud crew saved. Arrival-At Gravesend, 27111, 'Mariano°, Ilaylo, from Van Diemen's Land. Al Deal 2Stli, Periled, Snell, from Bengal; and Minerva, Ireland, from Madras; 2.9111, Ocean, Battismi, iron: the Cape: NIeltIon, II ) gg, from Mauritius; 30111, Fairlie, Agar, from Bengal ' • `logy Catherine, Galloway, from the Cape; 30th, Francis Smith, Ed. mom's, from Madras. At Liverpool, 25111, May Sleorp, Gray; and 301.11, Ilallyards, Brown, from 11..1,u,11. At Sl. Ilelotta, Dee. 7th, il'enalvon, Marshall. from Singapore. At the Cape, Nov. 22d, Transfer, Prent. from London ; 23d, Triton, Wright, from Hon.

gal; 22111, 1' Conant, from Ditto; awl Trio. Briton. Consett, from London; 27th, St. George, Williams, from Bristol ; 28th, Susan Crisp, Fleming. from London ; Dee,

1st, IA Belle Arkoll, from Ditto ; 3d, Appoline, from Singapore; 4th, Larkins, Walton, from Madras; 5th, Paragon, Cook; and'Zenobia, Owen, from London.

Sailed-Fmm Gravesend, Jan. 27111, Queen Victoria, Connor, for Bombay; f.'9t1i, Brothers, Ligby, for Bengal.


Arrived-02' Dover, Marmion, Jolter& from China; and Cecilia. Waddell, from Vail llitumen's Land. 011' Portsmouth, Roxburgh Castle, —, from Bengal.