1 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 15

The Guiana Exhibition is the product of an expedition into

the in- terior of Guiana. made by Mr. lionma li. !;Ictiomlititon. in the years 1635-9 ; and consists of a collection of bird!,-. quadrupeds. insects, geological specimens, drawings of plants and scenery. and various ar- ticles of manuflieture and warlike implements. These are arranged in a room fitted up with scenic foliage, and including the model of a hut, with hammocks, cocking-utensils, &c. The greatest curiosities, however, are three 1:o1ians of this country attired in their native costumes ; their heads aderrned with corona's of feathm.rs. remind- ing one of the Perm Fins. They are of slender proportions, and rather below the average size of Europeans : their skin is of a yellowish brown, and their features are agreeable and expressive. They display their skill (not very remarkable) at shooting with the long bow, and propelling short light arrows through a long wooden tube ; but are very loth to leave the tire round which they squat, and return to it after a little while shivering with cold, being only- eased in , webbing the colour of their complexion. They paint their faces in pat- terns of lines with a glutinous red colour, every day ; amid dislike putting on European clothes to take their evening walk. They ex- press no surprise at the wealth, splendour. and bustle of the streets and shops; and, though docile and cheerful. regard visiters with a look of embarrassment expressive of pain rather than pleasure. The most remarkable pictorial feature is a coloured drawing the size of nature, of a magnificent water-plant, called ""Victoria Regina," of extraordinary size and beauty.