1 JANUARY 1831, Page 11



On the 23rd Dec. in Wilton Place, Belgrave Square, the Hon. Mrs. E3IERY, of a son and heir.

On the 22nd Dec., the Lady of Joux TOLLEMACHE, Esq. of Tilston Lodge, Cheshire, of a son and heir.

On the 28th Dec. at Bolton Street, Piccadilly, the Lady of Sir GEORGE HAmpsorr, Bart. of a son.

At Brighton, on 20th Dec. the Lady of Dr. T. R. JEFFERSoN, of a daughter. On 26th Dec. in Chester Street, Grosvenor Place, the Lady Gel:um:Ns MITFORD, of twins, still-born.

At West Drayton, the seat of Hubert de Burgh, 'Esq. the Lady of Captain Locus, of a daughter.

In Upper Brook Street, the Lady of EDMUND DE PENTnext O'KELtv, Esq. of a SOIL


On the 28th Dec. at Brighton, Lord FALKLAND, LO MISS FITZCLARENcts.

On the 27th Dec. at Filleigh, Devonshire, WILLIAM REGINALD CousTENAY, Esq. to Lady ELIZABETH FORTESCUE, youngest daughter of Earl Fortescae. On the 30th December, at St. James's Church, EDWARD HENRY COLE, Esq., to MARY, widow of Lord Henry Seymour Moore, and daughter of Sir Henry Par- nell, Bart.

At St. Mary's Church, Marylebone, by the Rev. Charles F. Bampfylde, B.C.L., Lieutenant EDWARD F. WILLS, of FL M. ship Hyperion, to LouisA, daughter of the late Sir Charles W. Bampfylde, Bart.

At Cheltenham, Captain E. GRoves, of the Hon. East India Corapaurs Service, to °Livia H. HARWOOD, widow of the late Captain Harwood.

DEATHS. • On the 16th Dec. at Cossey, Norfolk, Sir V. BOLTON.

At Northampton, on the 23rd Dec. Samuel Hoar, Esq. in his 70th year. On the 25th Dec. at Lakenham Grove, near Norwich, JOsEPu GURNEY, Esq. In his 74th year. On the 25th Dec. at Wood End, near Chichester, the Right Hon. Lady LOUISA MARY Insixox, widow of the late General Lord George Lennox, and grandmother of the present Duke of Richmond, in her 92nd year.

On the 22nd Dec. in Somerset Street, Portman Square, CATHERINE, wife of Sir John Murray, Bart. and daughter of the late Adam Callender, Esq. On the 20th Dec. at Brighton, ELLEN, the daughter of Dr. T. a. Jefferson, in her 5th year. On the 26th Dec. at the Vicarage, Melbourne, the Rev. J. MIDDLETON, in his 71st year.