1 JANUARY 1831, Page 13




5 Amersham ....W. T. Drake W. Drake T. T. Drake W. Drake

6 Andover T 4. Smith Mr. Smith

Sir J. W. Pollen Mr. Smith 7 Appleby Hon. H. Tufton...Earl of Thanet : ..In Burgage tenure .. 100 Lord Maitland....Earl of Lonsdale 8 Arundel Lord D. C. Stuart .Money Inhabitant House- Ald. J. Atkins Money holders paying scot and lot 450 9 Ashburton Rt Hn.C.ArlinthnotLord Clinton Freeholders of the Sir L. V. Palk Himself County residing within the Borough 170 10 Aylesbury Lord Nugent Freeholders of the W. Bickford Hundred andHouse- holders of the Bo- rough, not receiving alms 1000

11 Banbury H V. Stuart ..31.-Earl of Guildford .Mayor, Capital Bur-

gesses, and Assist- ants only 20 12 Barnstaple ....S. L. Stevens Money Corporation and Bur- G. Tudor Money gesses 400 13 Bassetlaw(Hun-Lord Newark Earl Manvers Freeholders of the dred of) Hn. A.Duncombe .D. of Newcastle Hundred and Inha- bitants of East Ret- ford 1750 14 Bath Gen. C. Palmer ...Corporation Mayor, Aldermen, & 1 Co. Councilmen.. 30 5 Bedford W. H. Whitbread.

Lord J. Thynne ... Corporation Corn. Councilmen..

Freemen, F. Polhill and inhabitants, not receiving sluts 1500 16 Bedwin Rt.Hn.SirJ.NichollMar. of Aylesbury. In Burgage tenure 80 J. J. Buxton Mar. of Aylesbury 17 Beeralston. ...C. Blackett .. . Furl of Beverley ..Burgage tenure 100 (Vacant.) Earl of Beverley 18 Bernick-upon- Capt.M. Beresford.Mar. of Waterford Freemen, resident & Tweest Sir F. Blake, Bart.Money non-resident 700 19 Beverley H. Burton ........ Money .Freemen of the town D. Sykes ..... ....Money who acquire the right by birth, servitude or purchase.. Resident 80 Non-resident .1100 20 Bewdley W. A. Roberts ....Lord Littleton.. . Burgesses . 13 21 Bishop's Castle F. H. Cornewall ... Earl Fowls ....... Bailiffs & Burgesses 60 E. Rogers .. .... . Earl Po iris 22 Bletchingly.... R. W. Mills ...... Mr. M. Russell ....Borough Freeholds BO (Vacant.) Mr. M. Russell 23 Bodmin Davies G. Gilbert .Ilimself . .. ...Corporation 36 H. B. Seymour ...Mar. of Hertford 24 Boroughbridge.Sir C. Wetherell.. D. of Newcastle, Burgageholders ... . 50 H. Attwood disputed by Mr. , Lawson 25 Bossiney ...... Hon. C. S.Wortley.Lord Wharncliffe .Freeholders.... 35 E. R. Tuuno Himself 26 Boston.. N. Malcolm Money ....... .... Freemen Flaying scot J. Wilks... Money and lot. ..... ... 400 27 Brackley .. ....R. H. Bradshaw Himself . Corporation ... .... 33 J. Bradshaw Himself

28 Bramber ...... En. F.G. Calthorpe Lord Calthorpe.. .Burgageholders (rest-

John Irving Duke of Rutland dent) ... .... 20

29 Bridgenorth ...Thos. Whitmore Money ... ....... .Burgesses and Free-

W.W. Whitmore Money men 'within and without the borough 800 30 Bridgewater ...Wm. Astell... Inhabitants paying C. K. K. Tynte scot and lot 300 31 Bridport ...... Sir H. D. St. Paul .Money Inhabitants paying . Henry Warburton.Money scot and lot.. ..... 340 32 Bristol .R. H. Davis.. Corporation and Freeholders and Free. 3. E. Buillie Money burgesses. Resident 5000 Non-resident 3000 .33 Buckingham .Sir G. Nugent, Bt. .D. of Buckingham Bailiff and Burgesses 13 Sir T. Fremantle ..D. of Buckingham 34 BurySt.Edmds.Earl of Euston ...D. of Grafton ....Corporation 88 Earl Jermyn Marq. of Bristol

35 Callington A Baring Mr. A. Baring Householders paying

W. B. Baring Mr. A. Baring scot and lot 50 36 Caine Sin. Macdonald. .M. of Lansdowne .13nrgageIenure 24 T. B. Macaulay ...M. of Lansdowne

37 Camb. Univers.Vis. Palmerslon... Doctors and actual

Wm. Cavendish... Masters of Arts. .1200 38 Camb.Borough.Marquis Graham .. Duke of Rutland..Mayor, Bailiffs, and F. W. Trench Duke of Rutland Freemen, not re- ceiving alms 240 .39 Camelford S Cradock M. of Cleveland.. .Freemen being bona Mark Milbank M. of Cleveland tide householders .. 25 40 Canterbury ....Hon. R. Watson 10oney ' Freemen, resident & Lord Fordwich....Money non-resident

41 Carlisle J L. Lushington -Earl of Lonsdale..Freemen 1660000 P. H. Howard

42 Castle Rising ..Ld. Cholmondeley M.ofCholmondeley.Corporation 40 Hon. F. G. Howard.Flimself 43 Chester Hon. R. Grosvenor.Earl Grosvenor ...Corporation & Free- Sir P. M. Egerton.Corporation men not receiving alms, who have been resident an entire . year next before the election ' 1000 44 Chichester Ld. J. G. Lennox. .D. of Richmond...Inhabitants paying J. Smith Money scot and lot 700 45 Chippenham...J. Neeld Mr. Neeld Burgageholders .... 135 P. Pusey • Mr. Neeld

46 Christchurch ..Rt. Hn.Sir G.Rose. Sir G. Rose Corporation 50

G. P. Rose Sir G. Rose 47 Cirencester ....Lord Apsley Lord Bathurst ....Inhabitant house- .). Cripps Himself holders 700 48 Clitheroe Hon. R. Curzon,..El Howe Burgesses & Freemen 45 Hon. P. F. Cust...Earl Brownlow

49 Cockermouth ..Lord Garlies Earl Lonsdale ....Burgageholders 180 Hon. P.-Bonverle .Earl Lonsdale


Plate. Member. Prevailing Influence. Nature ctr Suffrage. Trial.

1 Abingdon John Maberly ...Money Inhabitants paying scot and lot 400 2 Albans, St....Lord GrImstone ..Earl Verulam Mayor, Aldermen, & C. Tennant Money Freemen, inhabit- ants, paying scot & lot 800 3 Aldborough ...Lord Stormont ...D. of Newcastle.. .Householders paying J. F. C. Clinton ...D. of Newcastle scot and lot GO 4 Aldeburgh ....Marquis of Douro. Mar. of Hertford .Bailiffs, Burgesses, Rt.lin.J.W.CrokerMar.• of Hertford and Freemen, not receiving alms 80 Inhabitants paying scot and lot 125 Corporation


Place. Member. Prevailing Influence. Nature of Suffrage. Total. 50 Colchester D. W. Harvey ....Corporation and Free Burgesses, resi- dent & non-resident1800 A. Spottiswoode Money 51 Corfe Castle G. Bankes Mr. II. Bankes ...Burgagebolders 50 P. J. Miles Mr. H. Bankes 52 Coventry T. B. Fyler Corporation E.:Ellice Mayor, Aldermen, Money and Freemen, resi- dent and non-resi- 53 Cricklade • Pitt ' Himself Freeholders olders ' of the


R. Gordon Hundred. 1350 54 Dartmouth ....J. Bastard Mr. Holdsworth .. Corporation and A. H. Holdsworth Mr. Holdsworth Freemen 100 55 Derby H. F. C. Cavendish D. of Devonshire.. Corporation, Free.

E. Strutt men,and sworn 1iur-


56 Devizes J Pearse Corporation oases

Mayor and select 0. W. Taylor Himself number of Burgesses 40 57 Dorchester ....R. Williams

Lord Ashley Himself Payers of church and E of Shaftesbury poor-rates in re-

spect of real estates, within the borough, though not inhabi- tants or occupiers.. 200

58 Dover Sir J. IL Reid, Bt. Warden of the Freemen and Free- Cinque Ports ... holders. Resident.. 1400

C. P. Thomson ....Money Non-resident 1200

59 Downton J Brougham Earl of Radnor ...Burgageholders 60

C. S. Lefevre Earl of Radnor ...

60 Droitwich Earl Sefton Lord Foley Corporation 12 J. H. H. Foley ....Lord Foley

61 Dunwich F Barne DI Barrie Bailiffs and Bur-

A. Areedeckne.... Lord Huntingueld gesses 18 62 Durham City ..01. A. Taylor Money Freemen resident Sir R. Gresley Money Mr. Hope and non-resident.. :1200 63 East Looe H. T. Hope Ir. Hope 50 T. A. Kemmis 64 Evesham (Vacant) Bribery Bribery Common Burgesses. 600 65 Exeter (Ditto)

L W. Buck Corporation men ation and Freeholders & Free-

66 Eye .1. W. Buller

Sir E. Kerrison,Bt Sir E. Kerrison ...Free Burgesses and 16°°

Sir P. C. Sidney Sir E. Kerrison Corporation, inha- bitants paying scot and lot 100 67 Fowey Lord Brudenell - .11Ir. Austin Mr. Lucy Freeholders arid J in- . C. Severn habitants paying scot and lot 70

68 Gatton J V. Shelley Lord Monson Freeholders; inha- -

J. T. Hope Lord Monson bitants payiug scot and lot 5 69 Germain's, St. .W. H. Praed C. Ross Earl St. Germains. Housekeepers Earl St. Gerains 70 m 70 Gloucester City E. Webb Corporation and Freemen, resident J. Phillpotts Money and non-resident.. .2200 71 Grantham 01.3. Cholmeley ..Money G Freemen, resident . E. Welby Money and non-resident, Money not receiving alias. SOD 72 Great Grimsby. C. Wood Resident Freemen, Money 0. Harris paying scot and lot. 300 73 East Grinstead F. R. West • Furl Delaware ....Burgageholders 30 Vise. Holmesdale .Earl Delawarr 74 Guildford G. H. Sumner ....Lord Grantley ....Resident Freemen & C. B. Wall Freeholders paying scot anti lot 240

75 Harwich Rt.Hn.J.C.HerriesThe.Treasury Corporation 32

G. R. Dawson The Treasury 76 Haslemere ....Sir J. Beckett Earl of Lonsdale..Freeholders 60 W. Holmes Earl of Lonsclale 77 Hastings J Planta Treasury, through Mayor, Jurats, acid

Sir Brilward nd Sir H. Pane Freemen, not re.

cei ving alms 200 78 Hedon . Sir T. C. Constable Money Burgesses 300 R. Farrand 79 Helston LordJ.Townshend Duke of Leeds .... Corporation . and Sir J. Pechell Duke of Leeds Freemen 36

Lord Eastnor MoneyD 1 o n e y

80 Hereford Freemen, resident E. B. Clive and nonresident. .1200 Si Hertford Lord Ingestre Marquis Salisbury Inhabitant House- T. S. Duncombe—Money holders&Freemen R. 550 Non-resident 150 82 Heytesbury....Sir G. Staunton Lord Heytesbury .Burgageholders 50 E. H. A'Court ....Lord Heytesbury 83 Higham FerrersLord Howick Lord Fitzwilliam . 145 84 Hindon Hn.G.M. FortescueLord Grosvenor ..Inhabitants paying . J. Weyland Lord Calthorpe scot and lot 240 55 Honiton Sir G. Warrender .51oney Money Inhabitant House- J. J. Guest holders paying scot and lot 359

86 Horsham N. W.R.Colborne.Duke of Norfolk ..Tenauts of Freeholds, Earl of Surrey ....Duke of Norfolk resident .& non-resi- dent-Burgage tenure 25

87 Huntingdon J. Calvert Earl of Sandwich .Corporation & Free-

J. Stuart Fin of Sandwich men 240

EH Frythe S. Marjoribanks...Corporatio u and Mayor, Jurats, Corn- J. Loch Patronage mon Councilmen, H. Bruce and Freemen 150 J. J. H. Vere 70

69 Ilchester Ld. Cleveland, dis-Inhabitants

puted by Ld. Hun- ti ngtower 90 Ipswich C. Mackinnon ....Money Corporation & Free- R. A. Dundas Money men, resident and

non-resident 1100

91 Ives, St. Hon. L. Wellesley Mr. Wellesley ....Inhabitants paying

. J. Morison Mr. Wellesley scot and la 200

92 King's Lynn...Lord G. Bentinck Duke of Portland .Freemen 300 Hon. J. Walpole .. Lord Orford 93 Kingston-upon-0. Schonswar ....1%Ioney Burgesses 1700 Hull W. B. Wrightson .Money . . 94 Knaresborough Sir J. Mackintosh.D. ot Devonshire..Burgageholders 110 Lord Waterpark ..D. of Devonshire..

95 Lancaster J F. Cawthorne ..Money

Money Freemen 1700 T. Greene . 96 Launceston.....1. Brogden Duke of Northum Corporation & Free- Sir J. W. Gordon berland men 97 Leicester Sir C. A. Hastings.Corporation and Burgesses & House- . W. Evans Money holders paying scot • . and lot 5000 96 Leominster.., .Lord Hotham Money Money W. Marshall Capital Burgesses & Inhabitants paying scot and lot 700

99 LestwItblel....1.ord Valletort ....Earl of Mount Mayor, Capital Bur- Hon. E. CostEdgecumba gesso., & Assistants 24

ENGLISH 11011OUGHS—continned.

Place. Member. Prevailing lItlittence. Nature of Suffrage. Total.

100 Lewes T R. Kemp Inhabitant House-

Sir J. Shelley, Bart holders paying scot and lot 400 101 Lincoln Col.C.W.Sibthorp . Money Freemen 1300

J. Fardell Money

102 Liskeard Lord Eliot Earl St.Germain's Mayor and Burgesses 105 Sir W. H. Pringle Earl St. Germain' 103 Litchfield Sir G. Anson Lord Anson Bargage tenures and G. V. Vernon Corporation freeholds 600 104 Liverpool Gen, J. Gascoyne .Corporation Freemen W. E wart Money

105 London Aid. M. Wood .... Ex- Freemen and Li-

Aid. It. Waithman verymen of the City 12000 Aid. NV. Thompson

W. Ward

106 Ludgershall Sir S. Graham ....Himself E. T. Foley Mr. Everett Freeholders & Lease- holders for life, resi- dent or non-resident 70

107 Ludlow Lord Clive Fart of Powis Mayor, Burgesses, &

• Hon. R. H. Clive.. Earl of Fowls Commonalty 500 108 Lyme Regis ...Hon. H. S. nine .. Karl of Westmore. Capital Burgesses J. 'I'. Fane land and Freemen, resi- dent or non-resident 30 109 Lymington ....G. Bnrrard Sir H. B. Neale ...Mayor & Burgesses . 70 W. T. Egerton Sir H. B. Neale

110 Maidstone ....A. W.Robarts Corporation and Freemen not receiv-

H. Winchester Money tug alms 900 Ill 3Ialclon Q. Dick Freemen 2000 T. B. Leonard . ...

312 Malmsbury ....Sir C. Forbes Mr. Pitt Aldermen and Ca- d. Forbes. Mr. Pitt pital Burgesses .... 13 113 Mahon! Sir J. Scariett Earl Fitzwilliam ..Burgageholders 270 J. C. Ramsclen --Earl Fitz williton 114 Marlborough.. .W. J. Bankes Mar. of Aylesbury. Capital Burgesses... 21

'1'. B. Estcourt Mar. of Aylesbury

115 Marlow, Great Owen Williams Mr. 0. Williams ..Inhabitants of Bur-

T. P. Williams Mr. 0. Williams gagehouses paying

. scot and lot 231 116 Mawes, St Sir C.E.Carrington.D. of Buck i agham.Burgageholders 20

. G. W. Pigott D of Buckingham 117 Michael's, St.. .J. H. Ha wkins --Himself Superior and Deputy

Hon. L. Kenyon -Lord Falmouth Lords, and Inhabi- tants paying scot and lot ' 32 118 Blidhurst G. Smith John Smith Burgage Tenure .... 18 J. A. Smith John Smith 119 Milborne Port .RLIIn.W.S.BounieStarg. of Anglesea.Burgage tenures, and

G. S. Byng Marg. of Anglesea Inhabitants paying

scot awl lot 90 120 Minehead. J. F. Luttrell Mr. Luttrell Burgage tenures .... 10 W. F. Tomline....131r. Leuven _ 121 Monmouth - -Marg. of WorcesterDuke of Beaufort . Burgesses and In- habitants 800 122 Morpeth Hon. W. Howard..Earl of Carlisle ...Bailiffs and free Bur- William Ord Himself gesses 200 123 Newark. upon-H. Willoughby__ Lord Middleton...Mayor, Aldermen, & Trent M. T. Sadler Duke of Newcastle Inhabitants paying scot and lot 'GOO 124 Newcastle - un-R. Borrodaile Money Freemen iesiding in der-Line W. H. Miller Money the Borough 700 125 Newcastle - up-Sir H. W. Ridley .. Corp oration and Corporation and free on•Tyne J. Hodgson Money Burgesses, resident and non-resident.. .2-500 126 Newport, Corn-J. flame Duke of Northum-Burgageholders and wall Sir II. Harclinge berland Inhabitants at large paying scot and lot. 62 127 Newport, Isle of If on. S. Perceval-Holmes family... .Mayor, Aldermen, & Wight H. Twiss Holmes family Burgesses 24 128 Newton, Lanca-T. Legit Mr. Legh GO shire- T. Holdsworth ....Mr. Legli 129 Newton, Isle of Hon. C. Pelham...Lord Yarborough .Burgage tenures 40 Wight H. Gurney Sir F. Barrington 130 Northallerton .. Hon. H. Lo-scelles Earl of Harewood.Burgageholders 200 Sir J. P. Beresford.Eari of Harewood 131 Northampton ..Sir G. Rob inson,BLCorporation and Inhabitant - House- Sir It. H. Gunning. Money holders not receiv- ing alms 1000 132 Norwich It. 11. Gurney ....Corp. anti money. Freemen and Free- . Grant Corp. and money. holders


133 Nottingham ...Sir R. C. Ferguson Corporation, free- Sir T. Denman ... men, resident and non-resident


134 Oakhampton ..Lord Seymour....Money Freemen and Free-

Hon. A. Ellis Money bottlers 050 135 Orford S. H. Kilderbee 31er. of Hertford. .Corporation 20 Sir H. F. Cooke ..Mar. of Hertford

136 Oxford Univer-T. G. 13. Estcourt . Doctors and Actual sity Sir R. H. I nglis,l3t. Masters of Arts... .1200

137 Oxford City 3. H. Langston ...Corp. and money .111ayor, fifteen Ma- W. H. Hughes ....Corp. and money gistrates, Common nCloeunncil, and Free- 138 Penryn J W. Freslifield .. Money Inhabitants paying1500

Sir C. Lemon. Money sent and lot 400

139 Peterborough ..Sir It. Peron, Bt. . E arl Fitzwilliam -Inhabitant Mouse-

d. N. Fazatterley .Earl Fitzwilliam holders not receiv- ing alms 460 140 Petersfield Sir W. Joliffe Colonel Mare - -Freeholders of lands G. E. Jolitle Colonel Joffe & ancient dwelling; 140 141 Plymouth Six T. B. Martin The Admiralty.- .Mayor anti Freemen 230 Sir G. Cockburn-The Admiralty 142 Plympton G. C. Antrobus .Mr. Treby Freemen 210 Sir C. Pennine ... E. Mt. Edgecumbe 143 Pontefract Sin. S. JerninghamMuney Inhabitant House- Sir C. E. Smith ...Money holders, resident... 620 144 Poole B. L. Lester Corporation Corporation and Hon. W. Ponsonbyllimself Freemen 100

-141 Portsmouth.. :.J. B. Car ter Corporation Mayor and Burgesses 100

F. Baring, jun. ...Corporation 146 Preston Henry Hunt Inhabitants at large .(t000 J. Wood

147 Queenborough J. Cupid Money versus Burgesses 270 J. Glatietone Ordnance 148 Reading C F. Palmer Corporation and Inhabitants paying

C. Russell Money scot and lot 700 149 Richmond ....Sir R. L. Dundas.. Lord It tt tides Burgageholders .... 270 J. C. Dundas Lord Pandas 150 Ripon L. H. Petit Miss Lawrence ...Burgageholders .... 150 G. Spence Miss Lawrence 151 Rochester R. Bernal Money Freemen not receiv- ing alms

Lord Villiers Treasury 760

152 Romney, New..H on. A. Trevor Sir E. Deering ....Mayor, Jurats, and W. Miles Sir E. Deering Commonalty 150 153 Rye H. D. Baillie Dr. Lamb Corporation and resi-

F. R. Bonham ....Dr. Lamb dent Freemen 25 154 Ryegate Sir J. S. *I orke.. E. of Hardwicke..Freeholders 200

J. Cocks lord Somers • 155 Salisbury Hon.') P.BouverieEarl of Radnor ...Corporation 54 W. Wyndham ....Mr. Wyndham

156 Saltasb E of Darlington. .Mr. Buller Bnrgageholders 56

J. Gregson Mr. Buller

157 Sandwich J Marryatt Money Freemen resident and S. G. Price Money non-resident 955


Platy. Member. Prevailing Influence. Nature of Suffrage. Total.

158 Sarum, Old ...J. J. Alexander ...Lord Caledou ....Burgageholders 7 J. D. Alexander ...Lord Caledon 159 Scarborough .. Rt. Iln. AL Sutton . Duke of Rutland. .Corporation and Free. Hon. E. Phipps...Lord Mulgrave men 44

160 Seaford J Fitzgerald Himself Inhabitant House- Hon. A. F. Ellis ..Lord Seaford holders paying scot

and lot 98

161 Shaftesbury ...E. Penrhyn Lord Grosvenor ..Inhabitants paying W. S. Dugdale Lord Grosvenor scot and lot 3C0 162 Shoreham Sir C. M. Burrell .Lord Egremont ...Freeholders of the H. Howard Duke of Norfolk Rape of Bramber -1350 163 Shrewsbury ...R. Jenkins Corporation and R. A. Slaney Money Resident Burgesses .1000 164 Southampton ..A. 11. Dottin Money Non-resident and In- j. B. Hoy Money habitant Burgesses, '

andlnhabitants pay- ing scot and lot .... 800

165 Southwark ....Sir R. Wilson, Knt. Inhabitants paying

C. Calvert scot and lot 3500

166 Stafford J Campbell Money Mayor, Aldermen, 'f. Cisborne Money and Burgesses, with-

in the Borough .... 600

167 Stamford Lord T. Cecil Marg. cif Exeter...Inhabitants paying

T. Chaplin Mani. of Exeter scot and lot 540 168 Steyning G. R. Phillips Duke of Norfolk ..Iuhabitants paying E. Blount Duke of Norfolk scot and lot 110 160 Stockbridge ...G. Wilbraham ....Lord Grosvenor...Burgage tenure 106 W. S. Stanley ....Lord Grosvenor

170 Sudbury B Walrond Money Freemen by birth, ser-

Sir J. Walsh Money vitude or redemption 800 171 Tamworth.....Ld. C. Townshend H imself , ....... _ Inhabitant House- Sir R. Peel ...... Himself holders paying scot and lot ..... ..... 300 172 Tavistock Lord Russell .... Duke of Bedford.. Freeholders of the Lord J. Russell.. .Duke of Bedford county within the borough ........... 25 173 Taunton H. Labouchere ...Money Inhabitant Potwal-

E. V. Bainbridge.. Money topers not receiving

alms .... .... ..... . 450 174 Tewkesbury—J. Martin... Freemen and Free- J. E. Dowdeswell . holders............ 500 175 Thetford ...... Lord C. J. Fitzroy.Duke of Grafton . Corporation anti Bur- F. Baring. Mr. A. Baring gesses.... .. 31

176 Thirsk .. - R. Frankland Sir T. Frankland.. Burgageholders.... , GO

R. G. Russell Sir T. Frankland 177 Tiverton.... ... Lord Sandon Earl of Harrowby Corporation ... ..... 24 Hon. 0.15. Ryder Earl of Harrowby 178 Totness - ..... Rt. Hon.T.P. Cour-Corp oration ...... CorporationandFree- tenay men, resident and C. B. Baldwin .. . Corporation non-resident . 58

179 Tregony........T. A. Gordon Mr. J. A. Gordon.. Potwallopers ....... 180 J. Mackillop Mr. J. A. Gordon

180 Truro Vise. Encombe ...Earl of Fahnouth.Corporation 26 N. W. Peach Earl of Falmouth 181 Wallingford ...W. L. Hughes . - Money.. , ... ..... Corporation ...... . 180 It. Knight Money 182 Wareham - Rt. Iin. J. Calcraft Mr. Calcraft Mayor, Recorder, 6 J. Ewing Mr. Calcraft Capital Burgesses, and 12 Assistants... 20 183 Warwick Hon. Sir C.GrevilleEarl of Warwick.. Housekeepers paying J. Tomes to the church and poor ... ........ ... 550

184 Wells J E. Vaughan ....Money Mayor, Masters, Bur. S. L. Lee Money gesses, and Freemen 450 185 Wendover S Smith .... Lord Carrington - Inhabitants living in

A. Smith • Lord Carrington Burgage houses.- . 140

186 Wenlock Il on. G. C. ForesterLord Forester.... .Burgesses at large... 110 P. B. Thomson ...Lord Forester 167 Weobley Lord W. Thynne..Marguis of Bath.. Inhabitants of the Lord H. Thynne . -Marquis of Bath ancient vote houses 90 188 Westbury Sir A. Grant Sir M. Lopez E urgage houses 70

G. Prendergast....S ir M. Lopez ' 189 West Looe ....C. Buller, Jun Mr. Buller .. ... Corporation 55

Sir C. Hulse Mr. Buller 190 Westminster .. Sir F. Burdett Inhabitant House-

d. C. Hobhouse holders paying scot and lot 17000

191: Weymouth & M. Tfrp Trustees of Sir F.Burgesses and Free-

Melcomb Regis J. Gordon Johnstone holders within the

T.-F.- Buxton Money borough not receiv- Sir E. B. Sugden Money lug alms 700

192 Whitchurch ...Sir S. Scott Himself Burgage freeholds... 70 Hn. J. Townshend.Lord Sidney 193 Wigan (One seat vacant)-Earl of Balcones .Free Burgesses 210 J. Lindsay Earl of Balcones

194 Wilton J H. Penruddocke Earl Pembroke ...Mayor and Burgesses 20 H. L . Bulwer Earl Pembroke 195 Winchelsea....J. Williams H. of Cleveland.. .Freemen 90 Hon. H. Pinnies ..M. of Cleveland

196 Winchester ...P. St. J. Mildmay Lady Mildmay....Corporation 341 Sir E. H. East, Bt.D. of Buckingham

197 Windsor J Ramsbottom ...The Brewery Inhabitants paying

Sir R. H. Vivian ..The Court scot and lot 750 198 Woodstock ....M. of Blandford D. of Marlborough Freemen 400 Ld. S. C. Churchill D. of Marlborough 199 Wootton Basset Lord Mahon Mr. Pitt Freemen .. 100 T. II. Villiers ....Earl Clarendon

200 Worcester T H. H. Davies .. Corporation and Citizens by birth, ser-

G. R. Robinson Money vitude, or redemp- tion, not receiving alms *000 201 Wycombe Sir J. D. Ring, Bt.Himself Mayor, Bailiffs, and Sir T. Baring, Be.. Corporation Burgesses, not re- ceiving alms 61

202 Yarmouth, Gt..11on. 0. Anson ...Money Burgesses at large...170(3

C. E. Rurnbold ...Money 203 Yermouth,I. W.W. 1'. Peel The HolmesFarnilyMayor, Capital and G. B. Thompson The Holm esFamily Free 13urgesses .... 50

204 York S A. Bayntun Corporation _and Freemen 3500 Hon. T. Pandas ...Money WELCH BOROUGHS.

205 Beaumaris 'Vacant) Mr. Butheley Corporation . 24

206 Brecon C H. It. Morgan ..Sir C. Morgan Burgesses 700

207 Cardiff Lord J. Stuart ...Marquis of Bute ..Butgessess. 1250 208 Cardigan Pryse Pryse Mr. Powell and Burgesses*.... ..... 1500 Mr. Pryse

209 Carmarthen . .3. Jones Burgesses 160

210 Carnarvon W. 0. Gore Burgesses * SOO

211 Denbigh R M. Biddulph ... Burgesses * 1000 212 Flint Sir E. P. Lloyd.... Inhabitants paying scot and lot 4 213 Haverfordwest.Slr 11. B. Phillips .Himself Freeholders, Burges-

ses and Inhabitants, paying scot and lot . 500

214 Montgomery.. .H. Clive Earl Pouts Burgesses .... ..... 80 215 New Radnor...R. Price Burgesses *.........1150

216 Pembroke H. 0. Owen Burgesses* ...... ... 500

* In conjunction with the Burgesses of some other Welch Boroughs, as in the case of the Scotch District Burghs.


Place. Member. Prevailing Influence . Nature of Suffrage.

217 Armagh Rt.Hn.H.GoulburnPrimate of Treland.Burgesses

218 Athlone R Haudcock Lord Castlemaine .Burgesses

219 Bandonbridge..Vacant Earl of Bandon ...Bnrgesses 220 Belfast Sir A. Chichester. .Mar. of Donegal...Burgesses 221 Carlow Lord Tulliimore...E. of Charleville ..Burgesses 222 Carrickfergus..Lord G. A. Hill ...Mar. of Downshire. Freemen 223 Cashel H. Pennefather ...Himself Burgesses 224 Clonmel Eyre Coote . The Bagwells Corporation 225 Coleraine Sir J. H. Brydges .. The Beresfords ...Corporation 226 Cork Hon. J. Boyle ....Money Corporation and Free- D. Callaghan holders 2800 227 Downpatriek ..E. S. Ruthven Inhabitants 2200

228 Drogheda J H. North Freeholders and Free-

men 1150 230 Dublin Univer. T. Lefroy Provost, Fellows, and Scholars 92

231 Dundalk Hon. J. H.Cradock.Lord Roden Corporation 36

232 Dungannon .... Hon. T. Knox Lord Northland.. .Burgesses 12 233 Dungarvon ....Hon. Geo. Lamb ..D. of Devonshire .Freeholders 1708 234iEnnis W. S O'Brien ....Sir E. O'Brien ....Burgesses 13 235 Enniskillen....H on. A. H. Cole ...Lord Enniskillen .Burgesses 15

236 Galway J O'Hara Mr. J. Daly Corporation

237 Kilkenny N. P. Leader Freemen 350

238 Kinsale J Russell Lord de Clifford ..Burgesses 64 039 Limerick T S. Rice Inhabitants 3260

240 Lisburne Henry illeynell. ..Mar. of Hertford. .Corporation at, 241 Londonderry .. Sir R. A. Ferguson Freemen 650

242 Mallow C. I). 0. Jephson —Himself Freeholders 560

243 Newry HMI. J. H. Knox .. Earl of Kilmorey.Inhabitants 2300

244 New Ross C P. Leslie Burgesses 32

245 Portarlington •.Sir C. Ogle F.of Portarlington.Burgesses 15

2.46 Sligo .1 Wynne Himself Burgesses 13

247 Tralee R. V. Smith The DennyFarnily.Burgesses 13 248 Waterford Rt. Fin.Sir J. New- Corporation and Free- port holders ... 1300 249 Wexford W. ll'igram Marg. of Ely Burgesses 160 250 Youghall Hon. G. Ponsonby.D. of Devonshire. .Corporation and In- habitants 242 ENGLISH COUNTIES.

Place. Heather.

972 Middlesex G Byng

J. Hume 273 Monmouthshire.Sir C. Morgan Lord G. Somerset

274 Norfolk I' W. Coke

Sir W. Foulkes 275 Northamptonsh. W. R. Cartwright Lord Althorp 276 Northumberland T. W. Beaumont 277 NottinghamshireF. Sntheron .1. S. Lumley 273 Oxfordshire Lord Norreys J. Fans 279 Rotlandshire Sir G. N. Noel, Be. SirG.Heatheote,Bt.

2811 Shropshire. Sir R. Hill J. C. Pelham 291 Somersetshire W. Dickinson E. A. Sandford 282 Staffordshire E. J. Littleton Sir J. Wrottesley 283 Suffolk Sir H. Bunbury C. Tyrrell 284 Surrey . W. J. Denison .T. I. Briscoe 285 Sussex W. Burrell H. Curteis, Jun.

286 Warwickshire D. S. Dugdale F. Lawley 287 Westmoreland Viscount Lowther Hon. H.C.Lowther

288 Wiltshire.. J Benett

Sir J. D. Astley 289 Worcestershire. Hon. H. B. Lygon lion. T. H. Foley 290 Yorkshire Hon W.Duncombe Lord Morpeth It. Bethell Sir J. Johnstone Place. Member.

251 Bedfordshire —Menai' Taristock W. Stuart

252 Berkshire C Dundas

II. Palmer 253 Buckinghamsh Mar. of Chandos Hon. R. J. Smith 234 Cambridgeshire. Lord F. G. Osborne H. J. Adeane 255 Cheshire Lord Belgrave

W. Egerton

256 Cornwall Sir R. Vyvyan E. W. Penclarves 257 Cumberland Sir J. Lowther Sir J. Gralmm 258 Derbyshire I ord. G. Cavendish F. Mundy 259 Devonshire Lord Ebrington Sir T. D. Aeland 260 Dorsetshire E. B. Portman II. Bankes 261 Durham Lord W. .1. Poulett IV. Russell

262 Essex C Western

J. Tyrrell 263 Gloucestershire .Lord R. Somerset Sir W. B. Guise

264 Hampshire J Fleming

Sir W. Heathcote 265 Herefordshire Sir J. G. Cotterell Sir R. Price 266 Hertfordshire Sir 3. S. Sebright N. Calvert 967 HuntingdonshireLord Strathaven Lord Mandeville 268 Kent sir E. Knatchbull T. L. Hodges 269 Lancashire Lord Stanley J. W. Patten 270 Leicestershire Lord R. Manners G. A. Legh Keck 271 Lincolnshire. C. Chaplin Sir W. Ingilby, Be.



303 Antrim Hn. J. B.1: O'Neill 319 Limerick ...... ILL It. Fitzgibbon

Earl of Belfast S. O'Grady 304 Armagh Lord Acheson :320 Londonderry ...Sir R. Bateson C. Brownlow V. dotes 305 Carlow H. Brnen 321 Longford Lord I- orbes T. Kavanagh A. Lefroy 306 Cavan H. Maxwell 322 Louth A. Dawson A. Saunderson .1. M'Clintock

307 Clare W. N. APNamara 323 Uri, o 3 Brt wne

O'Gorman Mahon D. Sre.wne 308 Cork lion. R. King 324 Meathshire Sir M. Somerville Lord Boyle Lard Killeen 309 Donegal G. Vaughan Hart 325 Monaghan ...... F...1. Shirley Ld. Mountcharles C. D Blaney 310 Down Ld. Castlereagh 326 Queen's 'ir C. H. Coote, Bt. Lord A. Hill Sir H. Parnell, Bt, 311 Dublin Lord Brahazon 327 Roscommon ...A. French H. White O'Connor Don

312 Galway J S. Lambert 328 Sligo HOB. H. King

Sir J. Burke E. S. Cooper

313 Fermanagh II Archdall 329ATipperary Ho. F. H.A. Prittle

Viscount Corry T. Wyse 314 Kerry Hon. H. Fitzgerald 330 Tyrone Hn. H. L. Corry Hon. W. Browne Sir H. Stewart 315 Kildare Lord W. Fitzgerald 331 Waterford D. O'Connell R. M. O'Farrell Ld. .1. Beresford 316 Kilkenny Earl Ossory 332 Westmeath ....Col. Rochfort Lord Duncannon M. Chapman

317iKing's T Bernard 333 Wexford Lord Valentia

Ld. Oxmantown A. Chichester BIS-Leitrim Col. J. M. Clements 3340Vicklow R. Reward S. White asisseies j. Grattan •

291 Angleseashire ..Earl of Uxbridge 299 Brecknockshire. T. Wood

293 Cardiganshire ..W. E. Powell 294 CarmarthenshireG. R. Trevor 295 Carnarvunshire .C. W. G. Wynne 296 Denbighshire ...Sir W. Wynn 297 Flintshire.. ....Sir T. Mostyn

1 298 Glamorganshi re.C. R. Tnlbot 299 Merionethshire. Sir R. NV. Vaughan 300 Montgomerysh.. C. W. W. Wynn 301 Pembrokeshire. .Sir .T. Owen 302 Radnorshire ....T. F. Lewis

Total. 13 71 13 13 13 860 26 105 36

229 Dublin (4 Moore Corporation and In.

Frederick Shaw habitants Corporation Corporation, SCOTCH COUNTIES.

Place. Member.

335 Aberdeen Hon. W. Gordon 336 Argyle W. F. Camp bell 337 Ayr W. Blair 338 Banff J. Morison 339 Berwick Hon. A. Aladiand 340 Bute &CaithnessSir W. Rae 341 Clackmannan &Hon. G. R. Aber- Kinross crombie 342 Cromurty and Nairnshire Hon. G. Campbell 343 Dunbarton Lord W. Graham 344 Dumfries J. H. Johnson 345 Edinburgh Sir George Clerk 346 Elgin Hon. F. W. Grant

347 Fife J Wemvss

348 Forfar Hon. NV. It. Maule 349 Haddington LurdJ. Hay Place. dreteelver. 350 Inverness Vacant 351 Kincardine Hn. H. Arbuthnot 352 Kirkcudbright —IL C. Fergusson 353 Lanark Hon. C. Douglas 354 Linlithgow Hon. Sir A. Hope 355 Orkney & Shet- land G. Traill 356 Peebles Sir J. Montgomery 357 Perth Rt. II n. Sir(;. Mur- ray 358 Renfrew Sir M. S. Stewart 359 Ross Sir J.W.hlatikenzie 360 Roxburgh H. T. Scott, jun. 361 Selkirk A Pringle 369 Stirling H. H. Drummond 363 Sutherland Lord F. L Gower 3134 Wigton Sir A. Agnew SCOTCII BURGHS.

3133 Aberdeen Sir J. Carnegie 373 Jeiburgh Sir A. J. Dalrymple

366 Anstruther 3 Balfour • 374 Inverness ......3. Baillie

367 Ayr, Irvine T. F. Kennedy 375 Kirkwall I. Loch 368 Dumfries NV. It. K. Douglas 3713 Peebles 11. Monteith 369 Dysart Ld. Loughborough 377 Perth (Vacant) 370 Edinburgh ....11t.Hon.W. pandas 378 Stirling J fohnston

371 Elgin Hon. A. Duff 379 Wigton J H. Lowther

372 Glasgow A. Campbell A'Court, E. H. 89 Alexander, James 15s Alexander, J. V 158 Anson, Sir G 1 03 Apsley, Lord 47 Ashley, Lord 57 Banks, G 51 Baring, Alexander. 35

Baring, W. B 35

Baring, F 175 Barne, F 61 Bentinck, Lord (4 99 Beresford, AI 18 Blandford, Marquis 198 Bouverie, I). P 155 Bradshaw, It. H. o: Bradshaw, James 27 Buller, C 189 Burrard, G 109 Burrell, Sir C 162 Byng, G. S 119 Calcraft, J 182 Calthorpc, F. G 28 Cavendish, H. F 55 . Cecil, Lord T 107 Cholmondeley, Lord 49 Churchill, Ld. S. C 198 Clinton, J. F. C.. 3 Clive, Viscount 107 Clive, Hon. R. II 107 Cocks, James 154 Cripps, J 97 Corson, R. 48 Cust, P. F 45 Drake, W. T. 5 Drake, T. ir 5 Dundas, J. C 149 Dundas, Sir It. L 149 Eliot, Lord 109 Ellis, A. F 160 Euston, Earl of 3-1 Fan, H. S Fans., J. '1' ri t Ayer:11d, 3 Fitzroy, Lord C Foley,.!. 11. H Forrester, (4 Frankland, It Gilbert, T) Gordon, J. A Gordon, J Graham, Sir S Green's., Sir C. J

Grimston, V is c

Grosvenor, 11 Hawlsins, .1. H .

hope, II. 'I' flouldsworth, A.H Howard, F. G Howanl, NV Howard, Fi Jerinyn, Earl of Jolliffe, Sir NV JoIllffe, G. F Kerrison, Sir E

King, Sir .1.1)

Laseelles, 11 Legit, T.

Lennox, Lord J. G Lindsay, J Luttrell, J. F Milbank, AI Mildmay, St. J. P Neild, J Newark, Lord .

Nuget, Sir G n Ord, %V . ..

Palk, Sir L. v. ... ..

Peel, Sir R..... . .. .

Pelham, C. .....

Phi ppe, E....

Pitt, J 221 193 108 103 160 175 60 180 176 23 179 191 106 183 `' -13 117 63 54 42 12."

• i4 110 140 68 130 128 44 120 39 196 43 13 :33 122 9 171 12 9 159 33 16".:Irynne, Pensonby, W. F. .... 144 Rose, sir G. H. ...... -16 Ittni,i, G. P. ......... 46 ltiis-sill, Lord 172 Ifils,:ell, Lord J. 172 Ryder, G. I). .... 177 Sandon, Viscount 177 Scott, Sir S 192 Seymour, H. 11 ' 23 Smith 6, '1'. A. ...

Stint li, .1. A. 118 Smith, •-: 185

Smit h, C. ..... • 11108

Smith, A. 185 Surrey, Earl of Sutton, C. M. 86 Taylor, G. W 56 Thymic, Lord J. 14 l'hynne, Lord W. 137 Lord H. 187 Townshend, LO. C 171 Townshend,1Ion.J 192 Tufton. IL 7 Tonna, E. It 25 Ure M 191 Valletort, Lord 99 Vere, J. J. H. 89 Villiers, T. H 193 Walpole, J. 92 Waterpurk, Lord 94 Wellesley, Lung 91 West, F. L' 73 Williams, 0. 115 Williams, T. P Williams, R. 115 Willoughby, 1-1 57 123 Worcester, H. of 121 Wortley, C. 8 25 n 155 Wydham, W Yerke, Sir J 154 PEREOlCS. liCOMINEES—RETEP.NED By OTUEU Antrobus, G. C. 142 Fazakerley, T. N..... r9 Penruddoeke, J. H... 194 Arbuthnot, C. 9 ' Foley, E. T. 106 Pereuvul, S 197 Arcedeckne, A 61 Forbes, Sir C. 112 Petit. L. H 150 AttwOod, H. 24 Forbes, J. 112 Phillips, G. R. 168 J3aillie, H. D.

Baldwin, C. B. 153 178 Fortesene, G. M Freemantle, Sir T. 84 30 Pigott, G. G. N Planta, J. .......

1; 71(7

Bankes, 'IV. .1 114 Garlics, Vise.— ...... .1:t

Pollen, Sir J. 'IV. ....

11 Baring, Jun. F 145 Gordan, Sir J tit;

Proud, WIll ......


Bastard f 54 Graham, Marquis of. '•ss Prendergast, 0


Beckett, Sir.! 76 Grant, Sir A.

Pringle, Sir W 10

Beresford, Sir J 130 Gregson, .1.


Pusey, P


Blacket, C. 17

Gurney-, II.




Blount-, F

168 Hardinge, Sir H. .... isii

littaant len, J. C.

113 Bonham, F. R 153 Heron, Sir It. 1'10 Reid, Sir J. R. 53 Bourne, NV. S. 119 Herries, J. C

Roberts, W. A. 20 Bouverie, P 49 Hastings, Sir C. A.... 97

lat r s, Ed

21 Brogden, I 96 Holds worth, T. 123

Ross, se, e


Brougham, J 59 Holmes, W. ... - 76 Russell, It. G


Bruce, H. 89

Holmesdale, Vise.. ...


M. T

Brudenell, Lord 67 Hope, J. T

Scarlett, Sir J. 113 Buxton, .1.3. 16 Howick, Vise. 03 Sefton, Earl of 69 Bulwer, H. L. 194 Hulse, Sir C. 139


67 Carrington, Sir C 116 Ingestrie, Vise 81

Shelley, J. V.

68 Calvert, 1 Carter, J. B 87 145 Irving, J Keunnis, 'I'. A. 23 6:1 :ilney, Sir I'. C S Spence, G n 66 150 Chaplin, T 167 Kenyon, L 117 Stanley, W. S........ 169 Cockburn, Sir G..... 141 Kilderbee, T. H.


st mutton, Sir G. T... 82 Colbourn, N. W..... 86 Lefevre, C. S 59 Stormont, Visa 3 Cooke, Sir H. F. 135 Lushington, J. L..... 91


87 Cornwall, F. H 21 Macauley, T. B.


Stuart, 11. V Ii Courtenay, T. P. 178 Macdonald, Sir J..... 36 Sumner, G. II 74 Cradock, S 39 Maekillop T 179 Thomson, G. B 203 Crolser, J. NV. 4 Afackintosh, Sir J.... 94 ThornSim, P. B 186 Cost, F 99 Mahon, Vise .. 199 orniine, W. E 120 Dawson, G. R 75 Maitland, Vise....... 7 Townshend, Lord J.. 79 Darlington Earl 156 Martin, Sir T. B 141 Trench F. W... ...... 33 Domville, Sir C.

Douro, Marquis of Dugdale, W. Duncombe, A Dundas, H 142 4 161 13 195 Miles, P.3 Miles, W.

Mills, R. %V.

Morrison, J Nicholl, Sir .1, 51 132 22 91 16 Trevor, A Twiss, H Vernon, G. G. V. • • • • Villiers, Lord Sir It. H


127 197


151 East, Sir E. H. 196 Palmer, General 14 Wall, C. B. 74 Egerton, W. T. Encombe, Lord Estcourt, T...

Ewing, J. 109 180 114 182 Peach, N. W.

Pearce, J.

Pechel, Sir S. J Peel, %V. Y. 190 56 79 Wetherell, Sir C Weyland, :Wilbraham, G Williams, J 84 24 169 195 Pane, Sir H 77

Penrhyn, E •fl

. t5ityirta1

[The Figures after the Names of Members in this 1.1.4 enrre.mon.1 with the Figures b,frre the Names of Places in the preceding.]

ENGLisir arEmuERs.



202 Gladstone, .7 147 Robarts, A. W 110 30 Gordon, Robert 53 Robinson, G. R. 200 8 Grant, R. 182 Robinson, Sir G. .... 131 32 Green, T 95 Rurnbold, C. E 202 Gresley, Sir R. 62 Russel, C Guest, .7..7 85 Sehonswar, G. Gunning. Sir R. 131 Seymour, Lord

Gurney, R. H 132 Shelley, Sir .7

Harris, G. . 72 Sibthorp. C. W Harvey, D. IV. 50 Stoney, R. A. Hobhouse, J. C. 190 Smith, .7 Hodgson, .7 125 Smith, Sir C. F Hotham, Lord 98 Spottiswoode, A.

Howard, P. H. 41 Stevens, S. L. Hoy, J. B 164 St. Paid, Sir H. D.... 31 Hughes, W. H 137 Strutt, E. 55 Hughes, NV. L. 121 Stuart, Lord D. C.... 8 Hunt, Henry 146 Sykes, D 19 Inglis, Sir It. H. 136 Sugden, Sir E. B.... 191 Jenkins, R 163 Taylor, M.A. ........ 62 Jerningham, H. V. S 143 Tennant, C. ' Kemp. T. R 100 Thomson, W. 105 Knight, R. 181 Thomson, C. P 58 Labouchere, H....... 173 Tomes, J. 183 Langston, J. H 137 Tudor, G. 12 Lee, J. L 184 Tynte, C. K. K 30 Lemon, Sir C. 138 Vaughan, J. F 184 Lennord, T. B 111 Walthman, R. 105 Lester; B. L 144 Walrond, B. 170 Loch, .1 88 Walsh, Sir J. B 170 Alaberly, .1 1 Warburton, H. 31 Mackinnon, C. 90 Ward, W. 105 Malcolm, N. Jun..... 26 Warrender, Sir G 85 Afarjoribanks, S Watson 40 157 Marryatt, J. , R Webb, E. / 70 Marshall, W. 98 Welby, G. E 71 Martin, .7 174 Whitbread, NV. H.... 15 Miller, NV. H 124 Whitmore, T 29 Nugent, Lord 10 Whitmore, NV. W.... 29 Palmer, C. F. 148 Wilks, J 26 Palmerston, Vis 37 Wilson, Sir It. T. .... 165 Phillpotts, J. 70 Winchester, H 110 Polhill, F 15 Wood, J 146 Price, S. G 157 Wood, C. 72 Ramsbottom, J. 197 Wood, AL 105 Bickford, W 10 Wrightson, NV. B..... 93 Ridley, Sir Si. W 125


• Acland, Sir T. D 259 Adeane, H. J 254 . Althcrrp, Viscount 275 Astley, Sir J. D 288 Bankes, H - 260 Beaumont, T. NV 276 Belgrave, Viscount 255 Bell., M 276 Belied, .1 288 Bethel), B. 290 Briscoe, J. I. 284 Bunbury, Sir H. C 283 Burrell, W 285 BPI& 0 272 Calvert, N 266 Cartwright, NV. It 275 Cavendish, Lord G 258 Chandos, Marquis of 253 Chaplin, C 27 Coke, T. W 274 Cottrell, Sir J 265 Curteis, H. B 285 Denison, W. J 284 Dickenson, W 281 • Dugdale, D. S 286 Buncombe, NV 290 Dundas, C 252 Ebrington, Viscount 259 Anson, Hon. G Astell, W . Atkins, J.

Blaine, J. E Bainbridge, E '1' 173 Baring, Sir 'I% 201 Boynton, S. A. 204 Her nal,-Balph 151 Blake, Sir V 18 Borradaile, R 124 Buck, L. W. 65 Buller, J. W 6.5 Burdett, Sir F 190 Burton, H. 19 Buxton, T. F. 191 Calvert, C. 165 Campbell, J 166 Capel, John 147 Cavendish, W. 37 Cawthorne, J. F. 95 Cholmeley, AL J. 71 Clive, E. B. 80 .Constable, Sir T. C 78 Davies, T. H 200 Davis, It. H 32 Denman, Sir T 133 Dick, Q. 111 Dottin, A. R . 164 Dowdeswell, J. E 174 Duncombe, T. S. 81 Dundas, V. 204 Dundas, R. A. 90 Eastnor, Viscount 80 Egerton, Sir P. 43 Ellice, E. 52 Ellis, Hon. A. 134 Esteourt, T 136 Evans; W. 97 Ewan, NV 104 Fardell, John 101 Parrand, R 78 Ferguson, Sir It. C 133 Fordwich, Lord 40 Freshfield, J. W 138 Eyler, T. B. 52 Gascoyne, T. 104 Gisborne, T 166 134 100 101 163 44 143 50 12 148 93 Egerton, NV " -53 Fane, J 278 Fleming, J. 264 Foley, T. H 289 Folkes, Sir W 274 Graham, Sir J.R 257 Guise, Sir W. B 263 Heathcote, Sir G 279 Heathcote, Sir W 264 Hill, Sir R 280 Hodges, T. L 268 Hume, .7 272 Ingilby, Sir W 271 Johnstone, Sir .1 290 Keck, G. A 270 Knatchbull, Sir E 268 Lawley, F 286 Lowther, Sir J 257 Lowther, Viscount 287 Lowther, H. C 287 Lumley, J. S 277 Lygon, H B 289 Littelton, Ed. Jim.— 282 Mandeville, Viscount. 267 Manners, Lord 11. 270 Morgan, Sir C 273 Alsrpeth, Viscount 290 Mundy, F 258 Noel, Sir G. N 279 Norreys, Lord 278 Osborne, Lord F 254 Palmer, It 252 Patten, .1. W 269 Pelham, J. C 280 Pendarves; E. W 256 Portman, E. 13 260 Powlett, Lord ',V 261.

Price, Sir It 265 Russell, %V 261 Sandford, E. A 281 Sebright, Sir J. S 266 Smith, Hon. It 253 Somerset, Lord It 263 Somerset, Lord G.. 273 Sotheron, F 277 Stanley, Lord 269 Strathaven, Lord 267 Stuart, William 251 Tavistock, Mar. of 251 Tyne!, J. 262 Tyrrel, C 283 Vyvyan, Sir R. R 256 Western, C. 262 Wrottesley, Sir J 282 MEMBERS FOR WALES.


Mostyn, Sir T 29 Powell, W. E 29 Lewis, T. F. 30 Owen, Sir .1 36 2 Talbot, C. R 3 Vaughan, Sir B.. W... 299 Wynne, C. Mr. 0 293 7 Trevor, G. R 0 1 W I Ilxbridge, Earl of .... 291 Wynn, Sir V. 298 I Wood, T 294 Wynn, C. W. W 30 295 292 MEMBERS FOR SCOTLA


Motile, Hon:NV. It.... 348 Montgomery, Sir J.Bt. 356 Morison, John 138 Murray, Sir 0. Bart. 357 Pringle, Alexander... 361. Rae, Sir William 349 Scott, H.T 360 Stewart, Sir AI. S. Bt 358 Trail, George 253 Wemyss, James 347


Baillie, J. Lieut. Col. . 374 Douglas, W. It. K.... 368 Loch, James'

31,5 Balfour, James 366 Duff, Gen A. 371 Loughborough, Lord. Ati Campbell,ArchibaldG 372 Hondas, Rt. Hon. W.. 370 , Lowther, J. H 379 Carnegie, Sir J. Bart. 365 Johnstone, James.... 378 ' Monteith, Henry 376

Dalrymple, Sir A. J... 373 Kennedy, T. F 3671



Corry, Viscount 313 Mahon. O'Gorman ... 307 Dawson, Alex 322 Maxwell, Henry 306 Du ncannon, Lord .... 316 Mountcharles, Earl 309 Fitzgerald, Hon. M... 314 O'Connell, Daniel . 331 Fitzgerald, Ld. W. ... 315 O'Connor Don 327 Fitzgibbon, Hon. R. . 319 O'Farrell, It. M 313 Forbes, Viscount 321 O'Grady, S 319 French, Arthur 327 O'Neill, Hon. J. B.... 303 Grattan, James 334 Ossory, Earl of 316 Hart, 0. V 309 Oxmantown, Lord ... 317 Hill, Lord Arthur 310 Parnell, Sir Henry ... 326 Howard, Ralph 334 Prittie, Hon. F. A..... 329 Jones, Theobald 320 Rochfort, Gustavus .. 332 Kavanagh, Thomas 305 Saunderson, Alex..... 306 Killeen, Lord 324 Shirley, E. J 325 King, Hod. Robert .; . 308 Somerville, Sir DI. 324 King, Hon. II 328 Stewart, Sir Hugh ... 330 Lambert, J S 312 White, H 311 Lefroy, Anthony 321 White, Samuel _ 318 M'Clintock, John .... 322 Wyse, Thos. jun 329 ArNarnara, W. N. .. 397 Valeutia, Viscount 333


'Knox, Hon.Thomas.. 232 O'Hara, J 236 Knox, Hon. J. 11 243 Pennelather, M. 223 Lamb, Hon. George .. 233 Ponsonby, Hon. G 210 Leader, N. P 237 Rice, T. S. 239 Lefroy, Thomas 230 Russell, John 238 Leslie, C. P. 244 Ruthven, E. S 227 Aleynell, Henry 240 Shaw, F. 229 Moore, George 229 Smith, Ft. V 247 Newport, Sir John ... 245 Tullamore, Viscount 221 North, 3. H 298 Wigram, William .... 249 O'Brien, NV. S 234 Wynne, J. .. 246 Ogle, Sir C. 245 215 208 207 Biddulph, R. A4 21 Clive, H 21 Gore, W. O. 21 Jones, J 20


I Lloyd, Sir E. P 212 Price, R I 4 Morgan, C. H. R..... 206 Pryse, Pryse 0 Owen, H 216 Stuart, Lord .T 9 Phillips, Sir R. B 213 ND.

Abercromby, H. G 34 Agnew, Sir A 36 Arbuthnot, H. 35 Blair, William 33 Campbell,Walter F 336 Campbell, Hon. G. P 34 Clerk, Sir George 3-15 Douglas, Hon. Charles 353 Drummond, H. H 362 Fergusson, R.. C 352 Gordon, Hon. W 335 Gower, Lord F. L 363 Graham,Lord AL W 343 Grant, Hon. F. W 346 Hay, Lord John 349 Hope, Sir Alexander 354 Johnstone, J. J. H 344 Mackenzie, Sir J. W Bart 359 Maitland, Hon. A 339 1 4 1 7 ' Acheson, Lord 304 Archciall, Mervyn. 313 Bateson, Sir It. Be.., 320 Belfast, Earl of 303 Beresford, Ld. G. T. 331 Bernard, Thomas 317 Blaney, Hon. C. D. 325 Boyle, Lord 308 Brabazon, Lord 311 Browne, lion. W 314 Browne, James • 323 Browne, Dominick 323 Brownlow, Charles 304 Bruen, Henry 305 Burke, Sir John $12 Castlereagh, Viscount 310 Chapman, AL L. • 332 Chichester, A. 333 Clements, J. DI 318 Cooper, E. Synge 328 Coote, Sir C. H. 326 Cony, H. Lowry 330 • Boyle, Hon. John 226 Brydges, Sir J. H. 225 Callaghan, Daniel 226 Chichester, Sir A. 220 Cole, Hon. A. H. 235 Coote, Eyre 224 Cradock, Hon. J.H 231 Ferguson, Sir R. A. Be 241 Goulburn, H 217 Handcock, R 218 Hill, Lord G. 222 Jephson, C. D. 0 242 PATRONAGE OF PEERS.

Names of Patrons. Places. Membei's returned.

Anglesea, Marq. of Milbourne Port RtHn.W.S.Bourne Mr. G. S. Byng Anson Lord Litchfield Sir G. Anson Aylesbury, AL of...Marlborough Mr. W. J. Bankes Mr. T. Esteourt Great Bedwin Mr. J. J. Buxton • Sir J. Nichol Bath, Marquis of .Weobly Lord NV. Thynne • Lord II. Thynne Bandon, Earl Rawlontridge .. (Seat vacant.) Bathurst, Lord Cirencester ...Lord Apsley Beanfort, Duke of Monmouth .....Marq.of Worcester Iredford, Duke of .Tavistock Lord Russell • Lord J. Russell , Balcarras, Earl of Wigan .1 Lindsay (One seat vacant) Beverley, Earl of Beeralston ....Mr. Blacket " • (One seat vacant) Bristol, Marq. of .Bury St. Edins.Earl Jennyn Brownlow, Earl Clitheroe Hon. P. F. Cost Buckingham,D. of Buckingham.. Sir T. Freemantle Sir G. Nugent St. Mawes Sir C. Carrington Mr. G. W. Pigott

• • Winchester Sir E. H. East

Bute, Marquis ....Cardiff Lord J. Stuart • Caledon, Lord ....Old Sarum J. Alexander Alr. J. D.Alexander Calthorpe, Lord ..Bramber Mr. F. G.Calthorpe

Hindon Mr. .1. Weyland

Carrington, Lord.. NVendover Mr. S. Smith Mr. A. Smith Carlisle, Earl of.. Morpeth • Hon. W. Howard Castlemaine, Lord Athlone - Mr. IL Handcock Charleville, Earl .. Carlow Lord Tullamore Cholinondeley,M.ofCastle Rising LordCholmondeley Clarendon, Lord ..Wootton Ba.ssettAlr. 'f. Villiers Cleveland, AL of ..Camelford Dlr. M. Milbank • • Mr. S. Cradock Ilchester Mr: .1..T. H. Vere • Mr. M. Bruce • 'Winchelsea Mr: H. Dundas

"77" • Mr: J. Willian a Clifford, Lord de.. Kinsale • Mr. J. Russell

Clinton, Lord Ashburton ...•.RtHn.0 Arb(lthnot Dclawarr, Earl East Grinstear1.114r. F. R. West isc. Holmesdale


Names of Patrons Of Places. Membel *returned.

Devonshire, 1). of .Derby Mr. H.F.Cavendish

Dungarron Hon. Geo. Lamb

Knaresborough Lord Waterpark S ir J. Mackintosh

Yonghall Hon. G. Ponsonby

Donegal, Mani. of Belfast Sir A. Chichester

Downshire,Mar.of Carrickft-rgus Lord G. A. Hi/1

Hondas, Lord ....Richmond Mr. I. C. Dundas Sir R. L. Hondas Edgecombe,E.Alt. Plympton Sir C. Domville Lostwithiel Mr. E. Curt Lord Valletort Egremont, Earl of New Shoreham Sir C. Burrell Ely, Marquis of ...Iferpod Mr. W. IVigi ant Enniskillen, Lord.Enniski/Icn Hon. A. H. Cole Exeter, Marg. of . Stamford Lord T. Cecil Mr. T. Chaplin Falmoutb, Earl of Truro Lord Encombe Mr. N. NV. Peach St. Michael's Hon. L. Kenyon Fitzwilliam, E. of Malton Alr. J. C. Ramsden Sir J. Scarlett Peterborough .Mr. Fazakerley Sir R. Heron Higham FerrersViscount Howick Foley, Lord Droitwich ....Mr. J. H. Foley Earl Sefton Forester, Lord Wenlock Mr. G. Forester • Mr. P.33. Thomson Grafton, Duke of .BurySt.Edmds.Earl of Euston Thetford Lord C. Fitzroy Grantby, Lord.... Guildford Mr. G. H. Sumner Grosvenor, E. of ..Cheoter Gen. It. Grosvenor Shaftesbury Mr. W. Dugdale Mr. E. Penrhyn Hindon Mr.G.M.Forteseue Stockbridge Mr. W. S. Stanley Mr. G. Wilbraham Guildford, E. of...Banbury Mr. B. Stuart Hardwicke,EarlofReigate Sir J. Yorke Harewood, Earl of Northallerton Hon. H. Lascelles Sir J. Beresford Harrowby, Earl of Tiverton Viscount Sandon Mr. G. D. Ryder Hertford, Mar. of Bodmin Mr. H. B. Seymour

Lisberne Henry Meynell

• Orford Mr.T. H. Kilderbee Sir H. F. Cooke Aldburgh Mr. .1. W. Croker Marquis of Douro

PATRONAGE OF rcEas—continned.

Names of Patron,. Of Places. Members returned.

Heytesbury, Lord.Heytesbury ...Mr. E. II. A'Court Sir G. Staunton Howe, Earl Clitheroe ' Hon. It. Carson Huntingfield, Ld..Dunwich Mr. A. Arcedeckne Kilmorey, Earl . -Newry Hon. J. H. Knox Lansdowne, M. of Caine Sir J. Macdonald.

Mr. T. B. Macauley Leeds, Duke of ...Heistone Lord J.Townshend Sir S. Pechell Littleton, Lord .Bewdley Mr. NV. A. Roberts Lonsdale, Earl of .Haslemere Sir J. Beckett Mr. W. Holmes Cockermouth Mr. P. Bouverie Viscount Garlies Carlisle Mr.J.L.Lushinetoa

Appleby Vist. Maitland-

Manvers, Earl of .Bassetlaw Lord Newark Marlborough, D. of Woodstock Lord Blandford • Lord S.C.Churchill Middleton, Lord ..Newark Mr. H. Willoughby Monson, Lord ....Gatton Mr. J. T. Hope Mr. J. V. Shelley Mulgrave, Earl of.Scarborough Hon. E. Phipps. Newcastle, D. of..Aldborough...• Mr. J. F. C. Clinton Viscount Stormont Boroughbridge . Sir C. Wetherell Mr. Si. Attwood Bassetlaw Mr. A. Buncombe Newark Mr. M. T. Sadler Norfolk, Duke of .New ShorehamMr. H. Howard Steyning Mr. G. R. Phillips Mr. E. Blount Horsham Earl of Sorry Mr. N.W.Colborne Northland, Lord. ,Dungannon Hun. T. Knox

Northumberland, Launceston Mr. J. Brogden

Duke of Sir. J. Gordon Newport, Corn. J. Raine Sir H. Hardinge Orford, Lord King's Lynn.. .Walpole, Hon. J. Pembroke, Earl of Wilton Mr. H. L. Bulwer Mr. J.Penruddocke Primate of Ireland Armagh RtHn.H.Goulburn Portarlington, Earlfortarlington . Sir C. Ogle Portland, Duke of. King's Lynn.. Lord G. Bentinck Fouls, Earl of ....Bishop's Castle Mr. E. Rogers Mr.F.H.Cornevrall Ludlow Viscount Clive Hon. U. Clive


Names q f Patrons. Qf Places. Members Marisa.

Earl Powis Montgomery... Mr. H. Clive

Radnor, Earl of Downton Mr. .1. Brougham

Mr. C. S. Lefevre Salisbury Hon. D. Bouverie

Richmond, Bk. ofChichester Lord.J. G. Lennox Rodeo, Lord Dundalk Hon. J. H. Cradock Rutland, Duke of .Bramber Mr. J. Irving

Cambridge Marquis ofGraham Col. F. W. Trench Scarborough Rt Hn.C.M.Sutton

Salisbury, H. of...Hertford Viscount Ingestrie

Sandwich, Earl of. Huntingdon Mr. J. Calvert

M. J. Stuart

Seaford, Lord ....Seaford Mr. A. F. Ellis Shaftesbury, E. of.Dorchester Lord Ashley Sidney, Viscount .Whitchurch Hon. J.Townshend Somers, Earl Reigate Mr. James Cocks St. Germalu's,E.of Liskeard Sir H. Pringle Lord Eliot St. Germain's Mr. C. Ross Mr. W. M. Praed Thanet, Earl of ...Appleby Mr. H. Tufton Verulam, Earl ....St. Alban's Viscount Griruston

Warwick, Earl of.Warwick Sir C. J. Greville

Waterford, M. of .Berwick Capt. Beresford ‘Vestmorland,E.of Lyme Regis Mr. H. S. Fane Mr. J. T. Pane Wharncliffe, LordBossiney Hon. C. S. Wortley

Yarborough, Lord Newtown, 1. W Mr. C.A.W.Pelham


Names of Patrons. Of Places. Member: retuned.

Austin, Mr. Fowey Lord Brudenell

Bagwells, The .... Clonmel Mr. Eyre Coote

Bankes, II Code Castle ...Mr. G. Banks Mr. P. J. Miles Baring, Alexander.Callington ....Himself Mr. W. B. Baring Thetford Mr. F. Baring Barrington, Sir F.Newtown, I. W Mr. H. Gurney Borne, M. Dunwich Mr. F. Borne

Beresfords, The . .Coleraine SirJ. W. H.Briclges

Bulkeley, Mr. ....Beaumaris (Vacant.)

Brien, Sir E. O. ..Ennis Mr. W. S. O'Brien Bradshaw. It. H...Brackley Himself

Branshaw, J Brackley Himself Buller, Mr. West Looe Mr. C. Buller Sir C. Hulse

Saltash Mr. J. Gregson Calcraft, J Warehant Himself

Mr. J. Ewing Crips, .1 Cirencester ....Himself

Daly; J Ga/reay J O'Hara Deering, Sir E. New Romney. ..Mr. W. Miles

• Hon. A. Trevor

Denny Family Tralee Mr. R. V. Stith

Drake, W. T Amersham Himself T. T. Drake Everett, Mr Ludgershall ...Mr. E. T. Foley Fitzgerald J Seaford Himself Frankland, Sir T..Thirsk Mr. R. Frankland Mr. R. G. Russell Gilbert, 1) .Bodmin Himself Gordon, J. A. Tregony Himself Mr. J. Mackillop Graham, Sir S. ...Ludgershall Himself Hawkins. J. H. • ..St. Michaels Himself Holmes Family ...Yarmouth,I. W Mr. W. Y. Peel Mr.G. B.Thomson Newport, I. W.Mr. S. Perceval Mr. II. Tulsa Hope, II. T East Looe Himself Mr. T. As Kemmis Houldsworth,A.H.Dartmouth Himself

Mr. J. Bastard Howard, F. G. ...Castle Rising Himself Jeplison, C Mallow Himself

Jolliffe, Hylton.... Peterslield Sir W. Jolliffe Mr. G. E. Joiliffe • Kerrison, Sir E. ..Eye Himself Sir P. C. Sidney King, Sir J. D Wycombe Himself Lamb, Dr Rye Mr. H. D. Benne Mr. F. R. Bonham Lawrence, Miss.. .Ripon Mr. L. H. Petit • Mr. G. Spence Legit, T Newton Lanc..Himself Mr. T. Holdsworth Lopez, Sir M. Westbury Mr. G. Prendergast Sir A. Grant

Limey, Mr. Fowey Mr. J. C. Severn

Luttrell, J. F. 31Inehead Himself

Mr. %V. E. Tomline

Mildmay, Lady St John Winchester ...Mr. St. J. Mildmay Morgan. Sir C Brecon Mr. C. Morgan Neale, Sir H. B. .. Lymington Mr. G. Bullard

Mr. W. T. Egerton

Neeld, J Chippenham... Himself Mr. P. Pusey Ord, W Morpeth Himself Talk, Sir L. V Ashburton Himself

Peel, Sir It Tamwortb Himself Tennefather, 111... Cashel Himself Phillips, Sir R. B..Haverfordwest.Himself

Pitt, Mr. Cricklade Himself 31almesbury Sir C. Forbes Mr. J. Forbes Wootton BassetLord Mahon Ponsonby, W. F. .Poole Himself Rose, Sir G. U... .Christchurch Himself • Mr. G. Rose Russell, Mr. 3f ....Bletchingley Vacant Mr. R. W. Mille Scott, Sir S. Whitchurch ...Himself Smith, T. A Andover Himself Sir J. W. Pollen

Smith, J 311dhurst Mr. J. A. Smith

• Mr. G. Smith Taylor, G. W Devizes Himself • Townshend, Ld. C.Tamworth Himself Treby, Mr Plympton G. C. Antrobus -Trustees of Sir F. Weymouth ..,, Mr. tire Johnstone, aminor J. Gordon Tunno, E. R Bossiney Himself AVellealey, T. L. P.St. Ives Himself Mr. J. Morrison


Nawes 1fpalrome. Of Places. Members returned.

Williams, 0 Great Marlow.. Himself

Mr. T. P. Williams Williams, R Dorchester ....Himself

Wynne, J Sligo Himself

Wyndham, W.....Salisbury Himself GOVERNMENT PATRONAGE.

Admiralty Plymouth Sir T. B. Martin Sir G. Cockburn Court, The Windsor Sir H. Vivian Treasury ..... Harwich G. R. Dawson Rt. Hon. C. Henries Hastings Sir H. Pane

J. Planta

Rochester Lord Villiers ;

Warden of rtsthe 1Dover Sir J. R. Reid

Cinque Po .