1 JANUARY 1831, Page 23



The Dutch Girl.

Mr. NEwrow.s works possess such integrity of character, and his style is of so excellent a quality, that we cannot fail of being gratified by his pictures. The Dutch Girl is a misnomer, for it is the face of a lovely young creature, whose style of feature and character of expression are essentially English. The latent consciousness of her charms seems to aid the effect of her beauty, by the downcast eyes and deprecating look, which are enhanced by the sweetness of the mouth. The costume liar- maniacs well with the unassuming character of the countenance. It is a very pretty picture, and we look at it with increasing admiration. The art is as good as the nature is beautiful. The slashed sleeve of the arm that is raised gives an awkward appearance to the drawing, though we do not dispute its correctness. Mr. Doo has executed the engraving very ably, and with great care and fidelity ; the face, in particular,

• though it strikes us as being flat, and too low in tone.