1 JANUARY 1831, Page 23

Rat Hunters.

This is Mr. WrixtE's "Diploma Picture"---as the painting is called which an R. A. presents to the Academy on his election. We had rather it had not been engraved, for it will not add to Mr. WILKIE'S reputation, even in that class of subjects • The best part of the picture is the background, which is finely treated. EDWIN LANISEER would have painted the dogs better, and MunnEAnv the figures equally well. The composition, like the subject, is scrambling, and has too much of iteration. The attitude of the man though natural, has a disagreeable effect, especially in combination whit the three boys on all-fours, and the three dogs nosing at the rat-hole. The expression of the urchins is forced and indistinctly marked ; and the half-side view of the man's face combines to give an appearance of crudeness to the design. The effect is spotty, and the print is not very pleasing or attractive. It is well engraved by JAMES MITCHELL.