1 JANUARY 1831, Page 6

It has been asserted, and repeated in the Paris journals,

that the live Powers have finally agreed to recognize Belgium. M• LA.FITTE alluded to this fact on Tuesday, in a speech to the French Chamber .of -Deputies, when he declared the peace of Belgium to be fully and finally settled. We do not know whether the King of Holland will echo this sentiment. A rumour has been revived, that the throne will be offered to Prince LEOPOLD. The Prince, if any such offer be made, will be the first man of the age who has had-a couple of crowns at his service. It is added, that he marries a daughter of LOUIS PHILIP as a consequence of his elevation. The letters from Brussels throw discredit on this story, and assert that the Prince of ORANGE or some of his sons will be chosen.

A message of M. VAN DE WEYER to the Congress, dated the 26th of December, confirms the previously-received accounts of the disposition of the Allied Powers.