1 JANUARY 1831, Page 9

NronstE es AMONG THE Nourr.rry.—Johnson, the informer, and his witnesses,

attended on Thursday at Marlborough Street Office, to support twenty-six informations, which he had laid, principally against the nobility and gentry, whose servants had strewed dung on the pave- ment for the purpose of preventing water-pipes from being frozen. Johnson succeeded in obtaining nineteen convictions; two were ordered to pay the costs, and the remainder were dismissed. Among those who were fined in the mitigated penalty of 10s. and costs were—Lady Char- lotte Lindsay, General Blight, Major General Capel, Lady Ellenborough, Lady Hampden}, Lard Lyndhurst, Duke of Argyle, Mr. Lennard, M.P., the Royal Society of Musicians, and Sir Moore Dinsey.

A WtsE S17GGESTION.—A correspondent of the Times, after de- scribing the vigilance of a certain John Brown, a Policeman, in defend- ing the correspondent's mansion.; and lamenting that the thieves, not- withstanding the Policeman's activity, got away, " he," Jack Brown to wit, " having no fire-arms by which he could detain them," goes on to observe—" As the thieves evidently escaped from the Police- man in consequence of his not having fire-arms, I bey to suyycst whether tfte prejudice against the men a the Police establishment carrying fire-. ' arms ogyht not to be dune away."—As there are a great many other pre- • judices equally injurious to the welfare of the community, we beg to suggest whether they ought not to be all done away with together.