1 JANUARY 1842, Page 12



We have heard that it is the intention of Ministers, on the meeting of Parliament, to propose some alterations in the existing Poor-law Bill : the precise nature of those alterations is of course at present un- known. Mr. Frankland Lewis, one of the Poor-law Commissioners, has lately had several long interviews with Sir James Graham at the Home Office.—Correspondent of the Standard, Jan. 1. The Commissioners appointed to inquire into the state of the Reve- nue have commenced their important labours. They have already had several meetings at Gwyder House, Whitehall, (late the Reform Club,) where a suite of' three rooms have been fitted up for their accommoda- tion. It is intended, we understand, when the necessary alterations have been completed, to remove the business of the Woods and Forests from its present inconvenient office in Whitehall Place to Gwyder House.—The Same.