1 JANUARY 1842, Page 12

The Times of this morning publishes "the final and revised

statement of E. B. Smith to the Treasury ": Mr. Smith says— "That he was introduced so long back as 1820 to Rapallo, Solari, and one or two of their associates. That soon after, becoming entangled in accommo- dation-bills, he was tempted to ' borrow' an Exchequer Bill of 1,000L, in order to raise money to meet his acceptances. "That a speculation was entered into by Repoli° and his friends, which, if successful, was to have extricated all parties from their difficulties. But it proved most unfortunate, and only plunged them into increased perplexity and trouble.

"That apparently it lay in his power at any time to secrete and misapply almost any number of bills, wanting only the signature ; and by a simple forgery to turn them into good and valid Exchequer Bills.

"That no person of rank or public character, whatever, was in any way mixed up in the transaction ; the parties being himself, Solari, Rapallo, and another individual, whose office was in Basinghall Street ; at which place they used to meet and concert their plans.