1 JANUARY 1842, Page 13

The Paris papers of Thursday announce the election of the

Secre- taries to the Chamber of Deputies—MM. Galas, Boissy d'Anglas, de l'Espee' and Havers. The two former are Ministerial but the elec- tion of Secretaries is not considered a political contest.

The private letters of the Times say that the election of M. Dnfaure, as Vice-President of the Chamber, has placed him "in a position to decide upon the fate of Ministers in any question that could arise. He is, however, of opinion with them on all foreign matters, differing from them only on the subject of electoral reform, and upon the partial revision of the laws of September, to which he is pledged." • * • The former (the question of electoral reform) "will positively come on this session—possibly on the discussion of the address. On that point Ministers will run a risk of defeat. M. Guizot was at first in- clined to concede that point, but the King would not.

M. Dnpin is said vehemently to have condemned the decision of the Peers in Dupoty's case, and to have observed that it ought to be brought before the Court of Cassation ; adding, "there is not in France any court above the control of the Court of Cessation." M. Hebert, the Attorney-General, was standing by ; and he walked away, much con- /Used.

M. Odillon Barrot has pledged himself, at a meeting of Opposition members, to bring forward a resolution in a few days, demanding that the guarantees of which the press had been deprived by the laws of September, and the recent application of the law of 1819, should be re- stored. The Afoniteur Parisien says that a committee, composed of MM. Berryer, Mauguin, Dupont de l'Eure, Odillon Barrot, and Bil- laut, had been appointed by the Opposition to examine and report what reforms are necessary to be introduced into those laws.

The Droit announces that a German, named Bauer, has been arrested by order of the Court of Peers. A large collection of pamphlets preach- ing communism were found at his house, in the Rue de Tour, as well as a voluminous correspondence with secret societies in Germany.