1 JANUARY 1842, Page 14


The Melton, Fe,. from Bombay to Loudon, was wrecked in Walker's Bty. Cape of Good Hope. on tht 14th Oct.—Crew saved. Artived - At Gravesend, Dec. 2.5111, Anna Robertson. Hamilton, from Madras ; 26th. Osceola, West, from Bombay; 28th. Navarino, Warming ; Romeo. Pollock ; Maid of Motto. Sevier ; Nith. Shaw; and Samson. Brown. from Bengal ; 30.h, Mary Ridley. Shearer, from Ditto; and Appoline, from China ; 31st, Sons of Commerce. :Mainland, fro!: Madras: and Havanna. Bailey, from Mauritius. At Portsmouth, 30th. Vanguard, Walker. from Singapore. At Liverpool, 24th, Amity. Bell, Com China; and Balfour, —, from Bombay ; 28th, Bahamian. Strogan; ana Pariot King. Roddock, from Bengal. In the Clyde. 26th, lmogen, Shields. from Bengal At St. Helena, evious to Nov. Sth. W. Lushington. Atkins; and Berkshire, Norris, from Bombay. Sailed—Prom Liverpool, Dec. 3011, Magniticeut, Whitty; aud Belvidere. Stevenson. from Bombay.