1 JANUARY 1842, Page 15

The Haymarket has paid homage to the holyday-season by pro-

ducing a fairy spectacle. The World of Dreams, or the Man in the Moon, is pretty and amusing of its kind ; though, compared with the displays at the great houses, it is as a sugared bun to a glittering twelfth-cake. CELESTE led the ballet, and Mr. WEBSTER proved him- self an efficient second to her in a pas. de-deux ; while STRICKLAND and BEES, as a couple of rivals in love, rivalled each other in the ludicrous. The Man in the Moon at first appears in russet garb, with his bundle of sticks ; but the touch of mortal love transforms him to a shining knight; his sprite sunders the earthly ties of the fair one, and the Man in the Moon is in no danger of being lunatic for love. Mr. J. WEntrrEa, as the gallant lunarian, is almost eclipsed by the feats of agility performed by his elfin follower, Mr. MrrelissoN; whose antics show considerable drollery. A Mr. STUART made his first appearance at the Haymarket on Wed- nesday, as Ivo. From the little we saw of him, it would be hardly fair to pronounce an opinion of his merits, especially as the impression he made was not very favourable. WALLACH was the Othello, and Miss H. F A UCIT Desdemona.