1 JANUARY 1842, Page 26


Tuesday, Dec. 28.


Doogood and Wisbey. Carmarthen, printers-W. H. and C. F. Mills. Mark Lane, a inemerchants-Adams and Lightfoot, Nottingham. lace-manufacturers-C. and H. Bolton, Kittestou-upon.Hull, merchants-Wilkins and Cox. Lang Acre, engineers- Shaw and Blinkhorn. Manchester. wire workers-Squire and Waring. Warrington. tanners- W. and J. P. Gruggen, Chichester. rangeons-Brooke and Sturrney. Bath. milliners-G. and S. Grimmer, Burgh Saint Peter, Norfolk. farmers- Sproule and Co. Liverpool, wine.merchants-Crossley and Nicholson. Halifax. worsted•spinners- Baker and Smith, Great Windmill Street. wine-merchauts -T. and S. Lunn, Great Hampton. Worcestershire, farmers - Gasquoine mid Morris. Manchester, calico- printers-J. and J. Sheppard. Langley l,No IBu

rell. -mzltste ra-Wilks and Tern. ey,Daird coal-Vi htaudrgi'si.Pvearm(tb.trindThgaiial. :v Staffordshire, e:inefowlders; asfarL 14prd;

J. Wessell janior-E and A. F. Christian, Duke Street, Portland Place. wine-mer• chants-Curll and Glover. Sutton Street, Soho Square, enach.wheel-manufacturers- Croudace and Dann. Cross Lane. cual.factors-Marlow and Gillson, Newark. Notting- hamshire, millers -Blaue and Day. Manchester, silk-mercers-Dalton and Capper,

Regent Street, silk-mercers. INSOLVENTS.

• •

FORTY THOMAS, Richmond. Furry. hotel-keeper, Dec. 26. WATERS, Ittcruarn, Newport, Monmouthshire, tin-plate manufacturer. Dec. 27. WoosrEa, THOMAS junior, Peckba in Rye Terrace. merchant,Dec. 28.


CARTTAR, CHARLES JOSEPH, Greenwich, banker.


BALLS, THOMAS Frrr. Vassal Road. Brixton, coach-proprietor, to surrender Jan. 6, Feb. 8 : solicitor Mr. Gaunt, Newgate Street; official.nssiguee, Mr. Pennell, Basing. hall Street REPFORD, JAMES, Hunslet Moorside. Yorkshire, eudbear-manufacturer, Jan. 13, Feb. 8: solicitors, Messrs. Rubinson and Barlow, Essex Street, Strand ; and Messrs. Ward and Son. Leeds.

Cross, JOSIAH, Worcester, glove. manufacturer, Jan. 6, Feb. 8: solicitors, Mr. Bed- ford, Gray's Inn ; and Messrs. Bedford and indcock, Worcester. GARDINER, JOEL. Cathay. Bristol, common brewer. Jan. 14, Feb. 8; solicitors, Mr. Gingen, Henbury ; and Messrs. Meredith and Reeve, Liucoln's luu. MARSHALL. MICHAEL, Chew Magna, Somersetshire. money-scrivener, Jan. 14. Feb. 8: solicitors, Messrs. IL G. and H. R. Burfoot, Temple; and Messrs. Davies and Foster, Wells. PROCTER. Amos and ROBERT, Kingston-upon Hull, coach-proprietors. Jan. 11. Feb. 8: solicitors, Messrs. Bell and Co. Bow Churchyard, Cheapside; and Messrs. Tenney and Sidebottom, Hull.

SHIMMER. SAMUEL. Liverpool. linendraper, Jan. 10, Feb. 8: solicitors, MeSSIII. R. M. and C. Baxter, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Messrs. Sale and Worthington, Man- chester.

STEVENS, Joust James Street, Limehou.se, brick-maker, Jan. 14. Feb. 8: solicitors, Mr. Tucker, Lothbury ; ofEcial assignee, Mr. Groom, Al:church Lane. Warnunr. ELLiorr, Liverpool. soap-boiler, Jan. 12, Feb. 8: solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn; and Mr. Booker. Liverpool.


Jan. 18. Anton and Mitchell, Mark Lane. corn-factors-Jan. 18. Warren and Taylor. Hermitage Street, St. George in the East, ship chandlers-Jan. 18. Muirlread, Oxford Street, tailor-Jan. 18, Ring, Old Broad Street, carpenter -Jan. 18, Barlow, Coruhill, stock-broker-Jan. 13, Cross, Mountnessing. grocer-Jan. 20, Green, Cheltenham, draper- J an. 20 , Silver. Hat ton Garden, silversmith-Jan. 20. A ppleford, Holborn Bars, draper-Jan. 20. Wright and Co. Henrietta Street. Covent Garden, bankers-Feb. 10, Newham and Pearson. Rode, lineudrapers-Jan. 21, Broadbent, Spotlaud, Lancashire. eannel.manufactnrer-Jan. 20. Pilling, Droylsden, Lanashire, cotton•goods manu- facturer-Jan. 20, Benson. Edgbaston, solicitor-Jan. 22, Squibb, East Cowes, rope- maker-Jan. 25, Copplestone. Plymouth. grocer-Jan. 29, Smith, Pedinore, Wor- cestershire, farmer-Jan. 19, Price, Birmingham, jeweller-Jan. 19, Sayers, Great Yarmouth, money-seriveuer-Jan.28. Slack, Ileatield, Derbyshire. paper-manufacturer Jan. 20, Walker and Peel. Manchester, Manchester-warehuusemen-Jan. 21, Gibson,

Bolton-le-Sands, cuttou-spiuuer. CErnncATEs

Tube granted. unless cause be shorn to the contrary. on or before Jan. 18. Doxford, Bishop Wearmouth, ship builder-Garnett, Marylebone, chemist

SCUTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. BAarsLervarE, ALEXANDER, Glasgow, grain-merchant, Jan. 4.25. HENDERSON. PETER. Perth, coal-merchant, Jan. 3, 25. Lowsoar, PETER, Dundee, shipmaster, Dec. 31, Jan. 21.

Friday, Dec. 31.


A. Wilson and Co. Queenhithe, stationers; as far as regards D. Kidd-H. A. Bedwell and S. Arri,,soni. Victoria Road, Pimlico, tobacconists-T. and J. Chubb, Queen Street, Cheapside..tailors-W. and 3. Minter. New Leather Market, Bermondsey, leather. factors--F. Hodgson and E. Abbott. Bow, brewers-J. P. and J. W. Sampson, Great Chesterford, Essex, millers-G. Sangster and G. Watt, Queen Street, Cheapside, cot- ton-factors-J. Sherwood and W. Clements, Wood Street. Cheapside. booksellers-M. Wildy and R. T. Davis, Lincoln's Ittu, law-booksellers-B. Bevil' and T. Bayley, corn- factors -J. and .1. Wilde, Mincing Lane, sugar-brokers-J. Ives and Co. Little Queen Street. Holborn, eolour.manufacturers-W. E. Acraman and Co. London, merchants; as far as regards W. E. Acraman-3., Liveraidge, Heckmondwike, Yorkshire. batters-E. Kensington and Co. London, East and West India brokers; as far as re- gards E.Kensington-C.Vizard and Co. Dursley. attorneys ; as far as regards W. C. Buchanan-B. Saunders and J. Chalmers, Leadeuhall Street. wo,•1Ieu-drapers -M. Steintltal and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, merchants; as far as regards H.Schlesinger- J. G. Mayhew and J. Harrington. Gravesend, backnea men-J. Barnes and Co. Far- ringdon, Berkshire, bankers - G. and J. W. Gull, Old Broad Street. Russia-brokers - B. M. Wilcox and A. Anderson, St. Mary Axe. ship-owners- C. Tuckett and J. Gorse, Shoreditch, shoemakers S., G.F. and S. J .Walker, Nuttiugham; as fares regards S. Walker- T. IL Lavers and W. Hill, Lewisham, Kent, coal-merchants - J.Andrew and J. Price. Mansfield. Nottingbamshire, batters -T. Holmes and T. Atkinson, Northow. ram, Yorkshire, silk-spinners -E. P. Amyot and F. A. Young, Leadenhall Street, ship-ageuts- A. Ray and T. Kitts, Bolton.le.Moors, Lancashire. cotton-spinners--G. and G. Atkins. Cheltenham, wine-mercbants- J. Jones and H. Rowlards Liverpool, oiners-W. Thompson and S. Shepard, Wapping, block-makers G. Batlistessa and j Co. Hatton Garden, looking-glass manufacturers-T. and H. J. Bryant, Bristol, bakers M. Coruthwaite and .1. Alston, Lancaster, saddlers -3. Booker and A. Seig nette, Lit erpool, merchants-V. A. and .J. Putter, Manchester. general commission- merchants; as far as regards J. Potter -J. Nisblett and W. H. Townsend, stage-coach

proprietors. INSOLVENTS. RORBERDS, Jones HENRY, and DAY, STARLING, Taverh...m. Norfolk, paper-makers, Dec. 30. BANKRUPTS.

BIDDLE, WILLIAM, Holborn Hill, fishmonger. tosurreuder Jan. 7, Feb.11 : solicitors, Messrs. Hillier and Co. Gray's Inn; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard. CAnesarrEa, GEORGE, Chelmsford. chemist, Jan, 10, Feb. 11: solicitors, Messrs. Pain and Hatherley, Great Marlborough St.; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basiughall St. FISHER, JOHN and Cusses-TH. Meghtill, Lancashire, wine merchants. Jan. 11, Feb. 11: solicitors, Messrs. nharpe and Co. Bedford Row • and Mr. Carter, Liverpool. GOODWIN, WILLIAM, Droufield, Derbyshire, malteter, Jan- 17, Feb. 11: solicitors, Messrs. Bicknell and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Mr. Drabble, Chesterfield, HILTON, CHARLES. Manchester, cotton-manufacturer, Jan. 18, Feb. 11: solicitors. Messrs. Abbott and Arney„, Charlotte St, Bedford Sq. • and Messrs. Bennett, Manchester. Hums-kiss Timm's, junior, Great Stanmore, bricklayer, Jan. 11, Feb. 11: solicitor, Mr. Williams, Alfred Place, Bedford Square; cfficial assignee, Mr. Green, Alder- manbury. Loot. JAMES, Nottingham, tea-dealer, Jan. 8, Feb. 11: solicitor, Mr. Caitlin, Ely Place, Holborn.

NEWSTEAD, Joan., and HEX-TALL, JOSEPIT, Regent Street, lacemen, Jan. 7, Feb. 11; solicitors, Messrs. Reed and Shaw, Friday Street; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Ba- aiughall Street. PONIES, %Liras EL-row. Ludgate Hill, chemist, Jan. 13. Feb. 11: solicitor, Mr. Parsons, Temple ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place. SHINOLER. SAMUEL, and JAMES, SYLVANUS THOMAS, Liverpool, liheDdralleTS, Jan. 14, Feb. 11: solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New tun ; and Mr. Booker. Liverpool. STE% ENS, JOHN. and DRUMMOND, ROBERT HORATIO WILLIAM, RhOdeSWell Wharf, Mile Eud, nrad contractors, Jan. 14. Feb. 11: solicitors, Messrs. M•Lecd and Stentriug, Billiter Street ; cfficial assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane. Senn, WILLIAM, and CRAMPTON, ROBERT. Manchester, drapers. Jan. 19, Feb. 11: solicitors, Messrs. Willis aud Co. Tukenhouse Yard; and Messrs. Barrett and Co. Manchester.

THOMP6ON, Jona:, Blackburn, power-loom eloth-manufacturer, Jan. 26, Feb, 11 : Mr. Fiddy, Temple ; and Mr. Ellingthorpe, Blackburn. WZIOALL, CHARLES HARVEY. Conduit Street. Regent Street, tailor. Jan. 10, Feb. 11: solicitor, Mr. Pike, Old Burlington Street; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Copthall Buildings. DIVIDENDS.

Jan. 21. Williamson. Nicholas Lane, merchant - Jan 21. Burgon, Walbrook Build. lags, merchant - Jan. 21, Blood, North Audley Street. surgeon - Jan. 21, Mill, Crosby Hall Chambers, merchant -Jan. 22, Pulbrook. Blackfriars Road, boot-maker-Jan, M. Howell, Oxford Street, littendraper-Jau. 22, W. and J. Walker. St. John's Square, manufacturers of apparatus for heating buildings - Jan. 20. Ratcliffe. Blackman Street, stationer -Jan. 21, Kew. Norwich. jeweller-Jan. 21. T. and W. H. Can. Dewsbury, woolleu-mamtfacturers - Feb. 7. Thelwell, Manchester. silversmith - Jan. 21, Midtane Brading. Hampshire. ironmonger-Jan. 24. W. and J. Losh, Manchester, calico. printers -Jan. 27, Bothamley, Sheffield, plumber.


To be ranted. unless cause be shows to the contrary, on or before Ans. 21.

Butler. Walsall, saddler's-ironmonger Taylor. Aslawnunder-Lyne, hat-manufac- turer-Whitmore and Co. Lombard Street, *bankers-Mather and Co. Manchester. ironfounders -Robinson, Henrietta Street. Covent Garden, banker -Nenmegen, High. gate, bookseller-Burrowdale, limuthwate. Cumberland, paper manufacturer.


13 SWHATI/NE. NrrnArr, Glasgow, provision-merchant. Jan. 3, 24. Foaarrn. WALTER, Coat Bridge, Lancashire. grocer. Jan. 6, 26. Jonsarroar, James, Glasgow, manufacturer, Jan. 7, 31. Marx. Juror, Glasgow, grain-dealer, Jan. 6, 27. MAYNE, WILLIAM. Glasgow, writer. Jan. 6. Feb. 1. Menet, ANDREW. Kirkcaldy, cabinet-maker, Jan. 5.26. Ronzirrsom, loam. Back of Muir, cattle dealer, Jan. 5,26. WATERTOK,, ROBERT. Leith. stationer, Jan. 8,29.