1 JANUARY 1876, Page 10

The most important news from the East is contained in

the Glatt Czernagosca, the official organ of the Montenegrin Govern- ment, which announces openly that if the Turks threaten the Mountain by any concentration of troops, Prince Nikita will de- clare war at once. He will not keep his troops together merely to consume rations. The journalist declares that although there are Montenegrins in the insurgents' ranks, Montenegro has never acted illegally, and considering her temptations, ought to be an object of gratitude to Constantinople. Those who wish to under- stand the history, and condition, and powers of the men who threaten this, cannot do better than read Mr. Freeman's account of Montenegro, published in Macmillan for January. They will find there reason to believe that if the Sultan does at last give the order to invade the State, for which some of his advisers have been pressing for months, the " revolt " may be suddenly changed into a war which will scarcely end till Turkish rule has receded to the south of the Balkan.