1 JANUARY 1898, Page 32

The Motograph Moving Picture-Book. (Symons's Patent.) (Bliss, Sands, and Co.)—This

is a really original idea in the realm of picture-books. A plain picture is put before you,—for example, a picture of a traction-engine. You cover it with a "transparency" in the shape of a specially prepared piece

of talc, and then proceed to move your transparency slowly up and down. Hey, presto ! the wheels go round, the funnel belches forth smoke, and the engine seems coming full tilt towards you. Further on in the book is the picture of a mortar-mill, the wheels of which revolve wildly in every direction when you move your transparency. This is quite as amusing a way for a small boy to watch "the wheels go wound* as in the recesses of his parents' watches. Parents and guardians who have to amuse little boys with a turn for nursery-science will do well to buy this book. Apparently the secret is to be found in the fact that the tale is ribbed.