1 JANUARY 1898, Page 33

The Art Journal. (J. S. Virtue and Co. 21s.)—This volume

seems to us a specially good one. Of the twenty-four full-page illustrations—there are really more than this number, in which only the two monthly plates are reckoned—seven are etchings. One of these is by Mr. R. W. Macbeth, from a painting of his own, "The Miller's Daughter ;" of the others we are inclined to prefer Mr. C. 0. Murray's reproduction of Mr. Briton Riviere's picture of "The King's Libation." Among the other plates we may mention "Angelica Kauffman and Sir Joshua Reynolds," after the picture by Miss Margaret Dicksee ; and the "Thin Red Line," after one of Mr. Robert Gibb's fine war pictures. (The "Thin Red Line," we may remind our readers, was the 93rd Highlanders, now the 2nd Battalion of the Argyll and Suther- land.) There is a good reproduction of Mr. Waterhouse's "Ryles and the Nymphs." Surely of all nymphs that man ever painted these are the strangest. What would a Greek have said to these melancholy ascetic faces ? Mr. John 3facWhirter's drawings of Glen Affaris (in Inverness-shire) are striking. Of the other contents of the volume we may mention Mr. Cosmo Monkhouse's articles on "A Northern House," the house of Mr. Arthur Sanderson, with its splendid decorations and art contents ; "The Wallace Bequest to the Nation ; " and the collection at Longford Castle (Lord Radnor's).

We have received the annual volumes of various magazines intended to provide Sunday reading for young people :—The Boys and Girls' Companion (Church of England Sunday School Insti- tute) gives, besides "Master Martin," a serial story by Mrs. Marshall, and other miscellanea, notes for a Bible Reading Union and Bible questions in two classes.—The Child's Com- panion (R.T.S.) is an excellent magazine, with plenty of good reading and illustrations of particularly fine quality.—The Boys' Sunday Annual (56 Paternoster Row) is also good. Among

its contents may be noticed "The Story of Uganda," "A Chat with the Late Chaplain to the Ashanti Expedition," and "Sundays at Various Public Schools." It is interesting to compare Eton

and Kill Hill.—Our Little Dots (R.T.S.) is meant for younger children, and should snit them well.—Light in the Home and Tract Magazine. (Same publishers.)—The Cottager and Artisan, the People's Own Paper. (Same publishers.)—Priendly Greetings : Illustrated Readings for the People. (Same publishers.)