1 JANUARY 1898, Page 34

Pilgrims of the Night. By Sarah Doudney. (W. H. Addison.)—

It might be objected to this tale that the construction is some- what lacking in unity. Is Dulcie Moss, the neglected wife, or Christabel, the faith-healer, the central personage ? However this may be, few readers who have a taste for better things in fiction will complain of what Miss Doudney has given them. The two women mentioned above are both fine studies of character. Dulcie commits the pardonable fault of holding the man who loves her when she would have done better for him by letting him go. She is grievously punished by years of neglect, but her punishment is an education to her, and her nature is developed into something truly admirable. Christabel is an un- common type of character, uncommon but not impossible. The story is well worth reading.