1 JANUARY 1898, Page 35


AYPIallfrO (F.), Pictures & Drawings, edited by J. P. Richter, folio (S. Low. 160/0 Bell (R. A. Rey nolds- ), Cairo of To-Day, 12mo (Black) 2/6

browning (O.), Peter the Great, Cr 8vo (Hutchinson) 5/0 Fragments of Books of Kings according to translation of Aquila, edited

by F. 0. Barldtt, 4to (Cambridge University Press) 10/6

Francis (H.), The Rajah of Patmandri, cr 8vo (W. Reeves) 4/0 Francis (H.), The White Cat, cr 8vo (W. Reeves) 4/6 G3rdner (E. A.), Catalogue of Greek Vases in Fitzwilliam Museum, imp. Svo (Cambridge University Press) 12/0 Grey (T. T.), Through a Glass Lightly, 18mo (Dent) 3/6 Grosart (A. B.), Robert Fergusson (Famous Scots Series, VoL 16) (Oliphant) 1/6 Gross (0.), A Bibliography of British Municipal History, 8vo...(Lorigmans) 120 Gurney (A.), Love's Frolion, 18mo (Longmans) 2/6 Ball tH. M. M.), Voices in Verse, 16mo (Allenson) 2/6 Mosley (J. R.), A Vision of England, and other Poems, cr 8vo (Bentley) 3/6 Orton (H.), Through One Man's Sin, cr 8vo (Digby & Long) 9/6 Phillips (11), Poems, cr 8vo (Lane) 4/6 Bees (R.) (Alfred Newhard Palmer), Owen Tanat, cr 8vo ...(Digby & Long) 6/0 Wade (J.), Introduction to Study of Organic Chemistry, cr 8v0 (Lon,gmans) 7/6 Webb S. and B.), Industrial Democracy, 2 vols. 8vo (Longmans) 25,0 Woods (M. L.), Weeping Ferry, and other Stories, or tivo (Longa:ens) 6/0

[*** All books reviewed have the published price attached, so far as can be ascertained by us. This applies oidy to books issued above 6s. in price.]