1 JANUARY 1927, Page 20


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR, I suggest that many of our institutions which must rely on charity for their existence could do worse than take a lesson from Holland. Every December the Dutch postal authorities, in connexion with various institutions, issue a new series of stamps with a charge slightly higher than the face value. This extra charge goes to the institution in question, except for a very small percentage, which is divided up between the postal workers.

As the stamps are on sale for one month only and as there is a new issue every year they speedily become rare and are therefore purchased in great numbers by collectors as well as by the general public.

The scale of charges is usually as follows : the 2 cent stamp costs 3 cents ; the 5 cent, 7 cents ; the 10 cent, 14 cents ; and the 15 cent (3d.), 20 cents (4d.).

This system is not instead of flag days, which are just as numerous in Holland as in other parts of the world. It is

popular throughout the country, and everybody looks forward to the arrival of the stamps " on the market."—I am, Sir, &c.,


Binnenweg, 24, The Hague, Holland.

P.S.—This year the stamps are in aid of Child Welfare.