1 JANUARY 1927, Page 20


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,—The question as to whether we are playing golf as correctly and as well as we can might be described as of national as well as of individual importance. New ideas should be welcomed and treated according to their merits.

A new theory has just been evolved by Dr. Robert Blakoe who approaches the ball from an anatomical standpoint. • The feet should be kept completely on the ground, says the inventor, and the swing made from the hips. This would probably help a great deal if he can provide the golfer both young and old with some means of so loosening the muscles as to make such a stance possible. This Dr. Blakoe clOns to have done, and has invented an apparatus for the purpose. It has always been my practice to make golfers keep their feet on the ground as firmly as possible, but the stiffness of the muscles often makes it impossible for them to do so.

Whatever be the merits of the theory in actual practice, it should not be neglected. The idea that a good golfer is sent to this earth only occasionally by an act of Heaven will not help us to reduce our handicap, or defeat the American