1 JANUARY 1965, Page 13


From: Mavis Singleton, Duncan Bryson, Dane Hallame, E. M. Gregory, R,011 Huzzard, Edgar L. Thomsen, John Pudney, Patrick Conleth. McGee, Richard A vedon. Rennie Bere, J. C. Lawson. M. M. Carlin, Sir Charles Kim her, O.J. R. Orr. H. A. S. Johnston, Christopher Pym, M. M. G. Oborski.

The Colour-Problem in Britain SIR.—Anyone who believes that Britain's growing 'colour problem' is an economic one is living in a fool's paradise. This paradise is particularly foolish for those of us 'coloureds' who have relatively few economic problems. My multi-coloured family— ranging from whiter than Daz to blacker than the best boot polish—can buy its way into the hardest of publicans' hearts by double whiskies and the worst of shopkeepers' pockets by large weekly grocery bills. What we cannot do, however, is protect our- selves from the insults of passers-by on the streets— ranging in the case of Myself from mutters of 'tart' , to things less repeatable.

I think perhaps that. what is called for is a 'let's face it' society in this country. We mixtures of race are here in England to stay:. I would like to remind Sir Cyril Osborne and company that if he spits on me, so help me then I will spit on him. The problem is no longer how to educate the 'white' English to accept the 'black' English, but is to educate the 'black' English how to forgive the 'whites.' Unless everyone faces this, there will be race riots long after one has forgotten how to identify an 'immigrant.' And I for one, white as I am, or was, will be out there smashing up your property, happy as a sand-boy.