1 JANUARY 1965, Page 3

--Portrait of the Week— -

RECORD CHRISTMAS, of course, in money spent, sents bought, and numbers travelling abroad, t not, thankfully, in road deaths. In a six-day riod they equalled last year's total for four days 120. So the £479,000 advertising campaign did work. Big spending by the Tories was rumoured the Sunday Times, which claimed that £100,000 s to be spent on market research. At less ex- knse, they found that Sir Alec was MP for Kin- St. in spite of Hugh MacDiarmid's court claim d that Mr. Grimond still regarded the coming ar as a 'year of opportunity' for Liberals.

t. RETCHING LEFT THE RAILWAYS, and the new )-ordinator of all our transport services is likely be the Minister of Transport himself, Mr. rascr. The new Cunard liner is to be built by hn Brown of Clydebank, the 'little Neddy' for ctronics is to ask Mr. Brown what the point of existence is, and higher telephone charges are Fely following an engineers' pay award. Mean- ile, the GPO is abandoning its unaddressed it service, and BEA was under fire for over- rking plane crews—one flight was delayed for urs because the pilot 'collapsed from fatigue' the controls. Mrs. Wilson was elected 'Woman the Ycar' by the Association of Turkish 'tlinen, Lady Asquith took her seat in the Lords, Dr. Leavis was invited to become a visiting 't, lessor at York.


L NEW FRONTIER IS DEAD: long live the Great iciety.' In a highly publicised 'off-the-record' 1rview President Johnson leaked to the press d up to twenty foreign ambassadors could 1pect recall, and that the Kennedy men in Dvernment—barring Bundy and McNamara, ould expect to leave. Meanwhile the President Ay visit Europe in the spring, and talk of a ,c.t$ ir-power summit began. . *


IE UN REMAINS, and seems likely to remain, in

re financial trouble: at the same time its own mblespots of Cyprus, the Congo and the Yemen nmered dangerously. There were reports that viet military equipment was being piled up by eek Cypriots, that President Nasser was send- more arms to the Congo rebels, that over 000 Egyptian troops were propping up the publican Government in the Yemen, and that but one of President Sallal's government had igned. Nigeria underwent federal elections amid nfusion, bloodshed and boycotts.


W LIFE PEERS, Bowles and Sorensen (who gave Commons' seats for Mr. Cousins and Mr. Gor- n Walker), were appointed Captain of the :omen of the Guard and a Lord-in-waiting ipeetively. Rediffusion followed the BBC lead banning 'kitchen-sink' dramas, railway plat-

rm tickets are to cost threepence, and the Egg arketing Board stoutly defended its decision hire buses to give free rides in the Midlands 'ring 'Egg Week' this spring. Hostesses or 'Lion :lies' will tell passengers—'don't pay your fare day but use the money to buy an egg for break- At tomorrow.' The weather was catastrophic.

THE TWENTY-FIRST ATTEMPT Italy found a 'esident. Foreign Secretary Signor Sagarat, who ierged in the last two days of polling. Anglo- ,ench harmdny may be in part restored by the petted go-ahead for the Concord project, and : French Prime Minister, M. Pompidou, spoke favour of the UK's income policy—'Let's hope is time we catch the disease from across the 'Janne!: The German Minister for Special-Tasks, r. Krone, revealed that West Germany was ‘1,0iping that she would be able to share in the 'ench bomb.