1 JANUARY 1965, Page 8

Mr. Wilson for - :ing?

The Guardian, in an attempt to explain the complexities of the Italian presidential elections, transferred the scene to Britain. I am myself lead- ing a coalition with Mr. Wilson as my Foreign Minister. The business is to elect a monarch. The principle contestants are Lord Brockway (also a member of my cabinet), Sir Alec Douglas-Home (position unstated), the Communist candidate Hugh MacDiarmid and Mr. Wilson. To my apparent displeasure Mr. Wilson comes up strongly on the later ballots and finally wins on the twenty-first without ConserVative support. All very diverting, but who is to say that Mr. Wilson's gifts are not more suited to constitutional mon- arch than foreign minister? He might make a very good Christmas message. I'm sure he would enjoy it. And surely the point of the Italian result is that, however long it took, the best man won? Signor Saragat based his hopes for Italy after the war on a regrouping round the democracies of France and Britain. He used to dream of a united social democrat Europe round Spaak, Brandt, Deferre, himself and Harold Wilson. He has Mr. Wilson now. Where one wonders did he get the idea that Mr. Wilson was interested in a united Europe?