1 JANUARY 1965, Page 8

Scoop How was it that The Times was the only

paper to carry a report of Miss Joyce Lang's remarks on Kidbrooke comprehensive school? Had one of Sir William Haley's acolytes intruded into private grief? Impossible. What happened was that The Times, and presumably other papers also, was invited to attend the Conference of the In- corporated Society of Musicians (School Music Section). Most news editors found this prospect unalluring, but The Times sent a man along. He got the story. Miss Lang, however, was unaware that she was being reported when she was speak- ing, though later that day she was interviewed by The Times and her observations were read over to. her.

To this extent her letter of explanation, in which she claims that her remarks were taken out of context, is perhaps a little disingenuous. Still, one can't help feeling a great deal of sym- pathy for Miss Lang. She is in some danger of being taken over as a piece of Tory Party property —a fate which I would not wish on anyone.