1 JULY 1905, Page 10

one of the ablest Judges on the Bench, and has

had excep- tional experience of commercial cases. His colleagues are Sir George Taubman-Goldie, the founder of Nigeria, and one of the most efficient members of the War Commission ; Field-Marshal Sir George White; Sir Francis Mowatt, lately Permanent Secretary of the Treasury, and one of the ablest of our great Civil servants ; and Mr. Samuel Hope Morley, late Governor of the Bank of England. The Com- mission is appointed to investigate the allegations made in the Report of the Committee presided over by Sir William Butler ; "to report upon all the cireumstances connected with contracts, sales, and refunds to or by contractors in South Africa or elsewhere after the conclusion of peace, and any previous transactions which may throw light on them; and further to report upon the responsibility of the persons con- cerned, whether in this country or in South Africa." No fault can be found with the composition of the Commission or the terms of reference.