1 JULY 1905, Page 10

The news of the week from Hungary consists mainly of

rumours, but they are of a serious kind. Baron Fejervary is evidently to govern for a time without a Parliament, the officials enforcing the laws as if everything were in normal order. Meanwhile the regular Hungarian regiments are posted in the West, while Austrian regiments supply their places in the East. The Opposition, therefore, only dispose of the Honved, or Militia, who are badly supplied with artillery. It is repeated everywhere that the Imperial Government will treat any attempt to follow the Norwegian precedent as rebellion, to be put down by force; but the old Emperor is a cool man, and has had many warnings in his lifetime against desperate resolves. He has no longer Russia to rely on in extremity, and would probably consider a summons to the German Emperor the worst form of defeat. In spite, therefore, of many unfavourable symptoms, we still incline to believe that he will discover some compromise con- sistent with his dignity which Hungary can accept, and will not allow Central Europa to be thrown into a disastrous con- fusion by which only the Hohenzollerns can ultimately profit.