1 JULY 1905, Page 10

The settlement hoped for between Sweden and Norway has not

yet been reached. The Swedish Parliament, as well as the Bernadottes, are evidently hurt in their pride by the summary deposition of King Oscar ; but according to the Times correspondent at Stockholm, who seems.both impartial and well informed, neither dynasty nor Riksdag are prepared for violence. The King will not have it, and the Premier agrees with the King. The whole question has been referred to a Committee, and it is believed the decision will be that the Norwegian Storthing has acted illegally, but that in the circumstances the two States must negotiate an arrangement which will allow separation, yet protect the common interests of the peninsula. This is in effect a proposal to allow separation provided it is succeeded by an alliance ; but the Swedes desire, judging from their language, to be treated as "the predominant partner" and to dictate the terms. The rumours of preparation for war in Sweden are all denied; but it seems probable that each country is taking certain precautions against any emotional decision on the part of its rival. There is a war party in Sweden, but it does not control the people, who instinctively decide that an unwilling bride in a house cannot be a source of strength. They do not hate the Norwegians, even if their aristocracy does.