1 JULY 1905, Page 21

am afraid that I cannot undertake to reply at length

to the courteous letter of Sir Vincent Calllard in your issue of June 24th, as my only point in writing to the Spectator a fortnight ago was to prove by full details what a remarkable expansion is going on at the present time in the staple industry of Lancashire. It is a boor, and no mistake. Of course it is a matter of opinion whether the activity is transient or not, but I beg have to say that I do not hold that view. May I be allowed to add, as a subject of interest, that mule spindles run now, both old and new, at a greatly accelerated speed as compared with about a quarter of a century ago? I agree with Mr. Thomas Ashton, the leading Operative Spinners' secretary, to whom I referred the question a few days ago, that the increased speed is about 25 per cent. One thing I am pretty sure about, and it is that the cotton trade will have nothing to do with the principles of the Tariff Reform Leagne.-----I am, Sir, &c.,


Melbrook, Bowdon, Cheshire.