1 JULY 1905, Page 21

R. S. Hawker, of Morwenstow, the following passage occurs at

p. 224 :—

"We are in the very midst of a contested election, and you may be surprised to hear that I do not support the Protectionist Candidate, a Mr. Kendall. I deem a tax on Bread Corn sinful

and unjust, and I had rather my Rent Charge should fall than that it should ascend amid the cries of the hungry and poor for dearth of food. Besides, the laws of human increase, and of the production of Bread, are in the bands of One too awful to be Meddled with by Man."

Would that the same lofty view of the present crisis were taken by the clergy of to-day !—I am, Sir, &c., R. W. J.