1 JULY 1905, Page 29

Bury (B. P.), Ethiopia in Exile, cr 8vo (Unwin) 6/0

Forbes (J. F.), Socrates, cr Svo (T. & T. Clark) 3/0 Harding (C.), In Remotest Barotseland, 8vo .........(Hurst & Blackett) sot 10/6 Bare (11.A.),Text-Book of the Practice of Medicine, roy 8vo (H.Kimpton) not 21/0 Herschel (G.), Electrical Methods in the Treatment of Affection% of the

Stomach and Intestines, 8vo I 3 Iluneker (J.), Iconoclasts, cr 8vo (T. W.Laurie) net 6/0 Langbridge (V.), The Valley of Inheritance, or 8ve (Methuen) 6/0 Marriott (C.), Mrs. Alemere's Elopement, cr 8vo (Nash) 6/0 Marryat (D.), The Beepers: a Novel, Cr 8vo (G. Pitman) 6/0

Maddock (J. E. P.), Jane Shore : a Novel, Cr 8vo .... .........(Long 610

Napier (E.), As the Sparks Fly Upward: a Novel, en 8vo (Drime) 6/0 Nelson (Lord), Letters to Ind, y liamikton, 12mo.........(Library Press) net 2/6 Pike (0. G.), Hogue Life in Birdlaud, Cr Svo ................ ..--.(R.T.S.) net 6/0 Pugh (E.), The Purple Heed: a Novel, Cr 8vo (Murat & Blackett) 6/0 Scott (L.), The Walking Delegate, er 8vo ' (Heinemaun) 6/0

Sergeant (A,), Mrs. Lygou's Husband a Novel, or 8vo.. .....(Uuwin) 6/0

Plants, 8vo (Constable) net 24/0 Stephens (T.), The Child and Religion : Eleven Essays (Williams & Norgate) 6/0 ''heal (G. M.), Native Races of South Africa, 8vo ...... ...(Sonnenschein) not 21/0 Tracy (E.), The King's Messenger, a Novel, or 8vo (F. V. White) 6/0 Tynan (K.), Fortune's Favourite : a Novel, or 8vo (F. V. White) 6/0 Tytler (S.). A Daughter of the Manse, a Novel, cr 8vo (Long) 6/0 Weymouth (C. S. II.), Military Topography at a Glance, 8vo ...(Rees) net 8/6

Whitham (A. E.), The Faith of the Church, Cr 8vo (Jlivingtons) net 2/6